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Mama Gets Style, too with Vera Bradley Baby

Vera Bradley Bag

I'm a bag addict. There, I've admitted it. Is that my first step to recovery? Lord, I hope not because I enjoy being a bag addict! ;) Vera Bradley has quickly become my favorite designer of bags and when I heard they were coming out with a baby line never in a million years did I think it would include items for ME (and other mamas!). BUT, baby diaper bags are for mamas, too and leave it to Vera Bradley to design some perfect bags for … [Read more...]

Just What Baby Has Been Missing, Style from Vera Bradley!

Vera Bradley Dress and Bloomers

Do you sometimes look all around you and see tons and tons of baby clothes and think that there is just something more you wish you had for baby? I've done that a few times. We have a ton of clothes for Addy! I typically watch sales and buy seasons in advance and for some reason there seems to be so many more girls clothes than boys on clearance. Even so, I've often felt like there was something missing until I received this new dress from Very … [Read more...]