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NEXO Knights 4D Movie at LEGOLAND Michigan

NEXO Lnights Lego Movie

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan in exchange for coverage of this 4D movie. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan shared with us the 4D movie: NEXO Knights™! We recently went to view it and had a blast! We are probably the only family in the world that had not yet experienced a 4D movie but for our first, we were quite impressed with NEXO … [Read more...]

Our Date Night at the MotorCity Hotel Casino

Motor City Hotel

This post is sponsored by MotorCity Casino Hotel. My husband and I have three little ones at home and rarely take the time to go out for date nights. We spend time together after the kids are in bed but we don't really have a lot of family nearby to watch the kids so we can go out. We don't mind most times because we both love being parents and being with our kids and doing family things is at the top of our list. Don't get me wrong, spending … [Read more...]

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan Now Open – Our Sneak Peek!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan

Disclosure: I was provided with a sneak peek of LEGOLAND Discovery Center in exchange for coverage. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. Thursday we were lucky enough to be among the people that got a sneak peek of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. LA had a half day of school so I was lucky enough to be able to arrange my work schedule where I could pick him up and have a … [Read more...]

Weekend Getaway Tips for Traveling with Toddlers #Tips4Trips

Tips for traveling with toddlers #Tips4Travel #CBias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #Tips4Trips #CollectiveBias Living in metro Detroit there are many, many things within driving distance for us. We really enjoy weekend getaways and are lucky to live within driving distance of Niagara Falls, Chicago, Cincinnati, Traverse City, Mackinac Island and more! We also have family that lives in Ohio and we often make weekend … [Read more...]

Come Along on a Tour of Pixar Animation Studios #InsideOutEvent

Inside Pixar

When I saw there was a tour of Pixar Animation Studios on our itinerary for the Inside Out event, I was thrilled! Pixar!?!? Yes! Pixar is located in Emeryville, California just outside of San Francisco and it's the workplace to many, many extraordinarily talented people! Even the entrance is grand, isn't it!? As you walk towards the buildings you can't help but be blown away by the Pixar lamp and the Toy Story ball! I mean how incredibly … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Save Money for Spring Break #MarchIntoSavings

Ways to Save Money #MarchIntoSavings #CBias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MarchIntoSavings #CollectiveBias Spring Break isn't far away and if you have a trip planned, or will be planning a last minute one you'll want to read this! We all could use some extra spending money for vacation so I've put together some tips for ways to save money for spring break! I recently wrote about my upcoming trip to San Francisco … [Read more...]

Manchester with the Kids: Keeping it Stress Free and Fun (Guest Post)

Traveling anywhere with the kids can be a hassle if you’re not prepared, especially when you have kids of various ages that you need to keep entertained. We all know how difficult it is to find activities that all will enjoy so the trick is to incorporate activities that each age group will enjoy, making them more likely to accept the trips that don’t appeal to them. While heading abroad brings its own issues, traveling to a city in the UK can … [Read more...]

Gearing Up for the Monsters University Premiere! #MonstersUPremiere

Monsters U Clutch

So, it's less than a week away. I can't believe it! I know it's going to go so fast once that plane lands in LA and I am going to savor every moment! I know some of you are very excited about following my journey to the Monsters University premiere and I sincerely thank you for that! I wanted to give you some more details about the plans!! Details on What I'll be Doing (ok, SOME Details!) I fly out of my local airport Monday morning and will … [Read more...]

Members of the Armed Forces: Celebrate July 4th FREE at Cedar Point

Cedar Point logo

I've always loved Cedar Point. It's been a part of my life since I can remember. When I recently found out that Cedar Point gives free admission to members of the Armed Forces during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I developed even more love and respect for them. The members of our military give up so much, risk so much and sometimes lose so much. They truly deserve so much more than they are given and I love seeing companies show … [Read more...]

Cedar Point is for Toddlers, too!

Toddlers Having Fun at Cedar Point

Growing up in Ohio the one place everyone went over the summer was Cedar Point. If you're not in the midwest you may not have heard of Cedar Point, but chances are you have...unless you are living under a rock. ;) Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the country (yes, I've visited many so I have the authority to say this! LOL) and I have so many, many fond memories at this wonderful park. I grew up with Cedar Point and I'm proud to … [Read more...]

Holiday Get-A-Ways at Eco-Friendly Lodges

Eco-Lodge in New Hampshire

With the holidays upon us, I've recently been contemplating a vacation. Next Christmas I would love to escape with a "Holiday Get-A-Way". As I think more and more about this, I am drawn to eco-friendly lodging facilities and I started looking into them to see just where we might end up. I was rather impressed to learn that there are so many eco lodges right here in the USA! I was able to find information, like this post on CheapFlights' blog, … [Read more...]

An African Safari Coming Soon?

African Safari

Well, our wedding anniversary is next month and I am going to start giving hints to hubby about what I want to do. We'll most likely go out of town for a weekend...or even stay in town and get a hotel just to "get away". I have been telling him for years now that when we reach a milestone anniversary I want to get married again, have a bigger wedding and go on a huge honeymoon! Yes, that sounds just like a woman, doesn't it? :) I've had a … [Read more...]

Family Vacations in the United Kingdom

Westminster Abbey

I'm sure you all know that I am hooked on finding great family getaways! I cannot wait until the kids are a bit older and we can travel a bit further with them! Right now we mainly go to places that are somewhat close so it doesn't require much travel time. One place that I am truly looking forward to visiting is the United Kingdom. I've heard so many great things about traveling there and about their family-friendly destinations. One thing … [Read more...]

My Virtual Vacation Continues to Turkey


Yes, I am just traveling the world - - virtually. I've always wanted to travel the world and I thought it would be fun to learn about new places and travel them through the internet and share my stops with you! Next on my stop around the world is Turkey! You guessed it! Another place that has beautiful scenery with water! I am telling you, I am a water person and I love visiting places that have water and beaches! I could sit on this beach … [Read more...]

Coming to America ~ An Exciting Trip Awaits You!


I know many of my readers live in America but I want to talk to my readers who do not live in America for a moment. Have you ever thought about visiting America? I have lived here my entire life and I have to say it's been great visiting different parts of this country. From the never-asleep New York City on the East coast to the gorgeous sand beaches and sun sets on the California western coast there are plenty of things to see and do! I … [Read more...]

Ever Considered Portugal for a Getaway?


You all know that I have been endlessly dreaming of a getaway lately! I mentioned that I have always wanted to travel abroad and someone suggested that I check into Portugal. Now I have to be honest and say that I have never really looked into it nor have I ever had a desire to visit Portugal...until now! Doesn't this make you want to visit Portugal? I never realized Portugal was THIS beautiful! It's gorgeous and amazing and exciting all at … [Read more...]

My Vacation/Holiday Dreaming Continues…


I have been dreaming of a vacation or holiday lately. I've written about it briefly in the past weeks. I have always wanted to travel abroad. I've always wanted to visit the Caribbean. My husband and I don't get much time alone these days and we absolutely love our time with our babies, but I dream of the day we can take a break from our daily jobs and just spend some time with each other. I would love to take the entire family away on a … [Read more...]

Family Vacations with Little Ones


We've been thinking a lot lately about going on a family vacation this summer. My husband is a teacher so he is off the entire summer. With me taking a maternity leave earlier in the year my time off is limited but we could take a long weekend and go somewhere. Not only is time off limited, but our funds are limited! I know it may be challenging to plan cheap family holidays with having two little ones but I think it could be a lot of fun … [Read more...]