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Earth Week Feature: My Favorite Products Made with Recycled Materials

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This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are 100% my own and these truly are my favorite products made with recycled materials. When it comes to products made from recycled materials I get pretty geeky. I mean, I really get giddy and may husband often tells me to calm down. With being a true believer in small changes making a big difference, recycling is one small change that I love. It's a small change that can really benefit so many. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Play Gone Green #HolidayGift (Giveaway)

Green Toys Salad Set

Our toddler recently became interested in kitchen play. We purchased a kitchen set for him and he often plays with it so I knew some accessories were just what he needed for Christmas! Green Toys came to the rescue and provided a Salad Set for his imagination play in his kitchen and it's been a hit! The Holiday Gift Guide here at Mama on a Green Mission had to include Green Toys. With scares of toys being made with unsafe materials in the … [Read more...]

Little Green Books Review and GIVEAWAY!!! 4 Winners!

  If you've not heard of Little Green Books, you must read this review! This series of books was written to get your little ones excited about going green! Little Green books cover topics like recycling, replanting, endangered animals, global warming and more! These are incredible topics for your little one to learn more about! We all want our little ones to join in on our earth-friendly practices and these books are the perfect tool to … [Read more...]