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Teaching Kids About Recycling with Homemade Earth Crayons

teaching kids about recycling

My kids are still fairly young at 5, 4 and 2. They are not, however, too young to learn about recycling and how important it is to our Earth. April is Earth Month and it's the perfect time teaching kids about recycling. My kids have been somewhat familiar with it for a while now since we have been recycling items in our home for years. We all know there's always more to learn and teaching them the hows and whys behind the action is something we … [Read more...]

Recycle Your Breastpump & Help NICU Mamas with #MedelaRecycles

recycle your breast pump

As a mama who has nursed four babies, I've been through my share of breast pumps. I always wished there was a way to recycle my breastpumps and now there is! I'm so excited to share with you the news of Medela Recycles and Medela is generously offering one lucky reader their very own Freestlye pump! With a new program called Medela Recycles, you can recycle your breastpump and help NICU mamas in the process! This program was created in … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Go Green and Make a Difference

Easy Ways to Go Green

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBias Did you resolve to be more green in 2015? Is the thought of making green changes in your busy life a bit overwhelming? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can still make a difference! Together, small change by small change, we can all make a big difference for our planet! There a small changes you can make … [Read more...]

An Update on our TerraCycle Brigade with Capri Sun


It's been a while since I talked about the Terracycle Brigade with Capri Sun that we are doing at the school my husband teaches at. It turned out it would work better if we had the entire school collecting drink pouches instead of the wide variety of products we initially thought we'd try. We had them collecting Capri Sun containers and any of that sort. How did we end up doing? How was the school rewarded? Let's take a look... First things … [Read more...]

We’re Starting a Terracycle Brigade at School!

TerraCycle Brigade

I've mentioned before that my husband is a teacher. We are both very passionate about helping his students succeed and we are both very passionate about recycling. We've often talked about what we can do to raise more awareness about the need for recycling and we both agree that it needs to not only come from home, but from schooling also. We were recently awarded the opportunity to start a TerraCycle Brigade with Capri Sun that was the answer to … [Read more...]

Be Green and Make Green with Your College Textbooks

Campus Book Rentals

I've been talking a lot about Monsters University and my excitement for the premiere of this movie. Truth is, it's taking me back to my college days and stirring up all sorts of memories, which is always fun! One not so fun thing I remember is the expense of college textbooks. They were crazy expensive so I can only imagine how much they are now, some 13ish years later! I'm so glad there are options these days to help college students, not only … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Reuse Wipes Containers

So you know that we use disposable wipes in our home so you can imagine we have lots of wipes containers laying around. We do care about the amount of trash we leave behind (err... sit out each week) so we are always trying to find ways to reuse the containers. Our baby wipes tubs from Earth's Best make great containers for so many things! We love Earth's Best wipes but don't want to throw away all of those tubs! Take a look at how we've been … [Read more...]

Kitchen Recycling Helps the Planet

Recycling Items from our Kitchen and More

I never realized just how many things can be recycled from the kitchen. Every week we pile up things to be recycled and most of it comes from our kitchen! I've mentioned before that my husband takes our recyclables in every Saturday morning so until then we just collect it in our basement. I am also big on EVERY thing makes a difference and recycling is something I've tried to get better and better at! We recycle cardboard boxes from … [Read more...]

Garbology Kids “Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?” Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have mentioned before how much we love reading to LA. Our most recent find is from a new series called Garbology Kids. The book is titled "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" This book is an adorable story of a dog who chases a recycling truck and the journey his family takes to find him. Although this book does tell a cute story, it is also an incredible resource for recycling facts that children can learn so much from. This is the book is the … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – Recycling

One of the changes we are making this year is recycling. Terrible we didn't previously recycle, I know. Crazy that our city charges $10 per month to get the recycle bin to put out with the trash. That makes me mad because it discourages people from recycling. I did find that we can drop off our recyclables on Saturday mornings though, which we do instead of spending the $10 per month. Here are some things we recycle now: Glass - all baby … [Read more...]