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Motherlove Herbal Company Green Salve Review and GIVEAWAY!

Motherlove has been "nurturing life for over 20 years". I love the reason that they were founded: to help women discover the bond between motherhood and mother earth. They have various products available including those for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies. Their products are organic, pure, safe and effective. What a great combination! I think every mom can find something from Motherlove that they can use! It's an incredible company … [Read more...]

Levana Naturals Review and GIVEAWAY!

There is so much information that I want to include in this review but I am going to try and shorten it so that you aren't reading for 2 hours! This is REALLY worth the read though because this is some GREAT information! I was so happy to find a place like Levana Naturals! First, the owner, Beate, is incredibly sweet and helpful in making sure to educate others on organic clothing. She taught me so much about organic clothing and actually … [Read more...]

Peter Rabbit Organics Review and GIVEAWAY

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small, privately owned company that was started by a group of five people who had a desire to put children's health first. They wanted to create a snack that was healthy and did not contain sugar or salt. They wanted to know that the foods they ate (and their children ate) contained no artificial ingredient but still tasted good. What they came up with became Peter Rabbit Organics, super tasty food that is produced in … [Read more...]

Garlic Gold Review and Discount Code!

I am a garlic addict lover. I can never seem to get enough garlic. My darling husband? Not so much. It's difficult for me to cook and leave out my love of garlic but I want him to love what I cook too. I was extremely excited when I got the opportunity to review Garlic Gold Oil! I thought even if I had to cook something separate for just me I was going to do it for my love of garlic and because I wanted to share a new organic item with my … [Read more...]

Organic and the “Dirty Dozen”

Since I started my "going green" journey I have been wanting to get everything organic that I can! Unfortunately, financially it's not possible right now. I do buy some things organic and all of LA's baby food is organic, whether I make it or use pouches (like our new favorites, Ella's Kitchen) or jars. I started researching making baby food a few months ago and found some very interesting information. I was searching for all kinds of apps on … [Read more...]

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review and GIVEAWAY!

Ella's Kitchen organic baby food is another product I was so excited to review (er have LA review!) :) Ella's organic baby food was created by a dad who promised his little girl that she would only eat the most healthy, wholesome, organic foods. He understands how difficult it is to get our little ones to enjoy eating fruits AND veggies. This company approaches things from a child's point of view. They have created recipes that connect with … [Read more...]