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Joovy’s Caboose Too – A Dream for Parents of Twins or Two Close In Age!

Caboose Too

When LA was born in 2010 my husband and I knew we wanted more kids and soon. We are both getting "older" when it comes to having kids so we wanted to have our little ones close together. Plus, our oldest one was like an only child and he always wanted siblings growing up so we wanted to make sure LA had siblings close to his age. LA and Addy are 19 months apart and Addy will be 24 months older than baby when she arrives. We definitely need a … [Read more...]

Joovy’s New Out-of-this-World moonRoom Playard (Giveaway)

Joovy moonRoom

That's right mamas...Joovy has a new product and just like all of their other items, it is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. amazing, wonderful, perfect, versatile, roomy and just plain unique! I am thrilled to be one of the first to tell you about this product because we have fallen in love with the moonRoom over the past several weeks. I am a proud Joovy mom because I love representing companies I truly believe in and products we love. Joovy never lets … [Read more...]