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A DIY Craft for St Patrick’s Day Decor

DIY St Patricks Day Supplies

I think it's been expressed in the past month or so that I love crafts. They make me happy. I love being creative and just letting it flow. I decided we needed some St Patrick's Day decor around here. I mean, I am part Irish so I definitely should celebrate, right?! lol I love being festive and decorating for every holiday, but in the past few years we've not done much of this. Here's to changing that this year! I picked up the needed … [Read more...]

Last Minute Party? Easy Valentine’s Day Party Favors #DIY

Valentine's Day Party Favors

Although we don't have school parties just yet here with the little ones, I wanted to make something special for them. It's for our own party! ;) I realize they are tiny, but I love being crafty! I made little favor jars with some of their favorite HEALTHY treats inside since my goal is to cut out any sweets this Valentine's and gift just healthy snacks! The supplies were simple and things we had around the house: Earth's Best baby food … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best Day 2

Earth's Best Sunny Days

Welcome to a second edition of Valentine's Day with Earth's Best! I am pledging to make the tradition of giving our little ones HEALTHY treats and hope you'll join me in doing so! Yesterday I featured one amazing Earth's Best Valentine's treat and today we have another that is perfect for giving your little ones this Valentine's Day! It's easier than you think to make Valentine's Day healthy, and your kids won't even miss the sugary goods with … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Valentine's Banner

Every Valentine's Day there's a ton of candy sold! So many parents buy gifts for their little ones that have sugar/chocolate or other unhealthy snacks. Let's pledge to make this change in tradition and give our little ones HEALTHY treats! Over the next few days I'm going to feature some treats that will be perfect for giving your little ones for Valentine's Day! Children associate Valentine’s Day with one word: candy. Older and wiser, … [Read more...]

Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

Happy New Year!

We wanted to share this wish with you for an amazing 2013!   Thank you for joining us and making 2012 an amazing year! Here's to another amazing year in 2013!! … [Read more...]

From Our Family to Yours…

Holiday Greeting Card

Posts have been slow...we've been doing a lot of family stuff! Don't worry, I'll be posting lots more again soon! In the meantime, we just wanted to share this wish you you all! You are so very important to us and we thank you this holiday season! … [Read more...]

10 #Holiday Planning Tips

It's hard to believe the holidays are almost here already! This time of year goes by so quickly so we have to be sure to plan everything in order to not forget something. We have two families to spend time with in two different states. We have kids to organize, school breaks to figure out, holiday greeting cards to prepare, holiday pictures, holiday decorating and tons of other stuff. Here is my list of top 10 Holiday Planning Tips to easily get … [Read more...]