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Help Get the Kids out of the House: Top Water Fun Games For the Kids! (Guest Post)

Tug of War

When it is boiling hot in the summer, water games are a great way to have fun and keep the kids cool. You don’t need a lot of kit for this, just a little imagination – the adults can play too! Not only will this result in great exercise, but it’ll wear out the kids, so they’re more docile in the evening. Just keep a close eye on things because we don’t want any tears! If your child has a birthday in summer, these games make for a really exciting … [Read more...]

Fun, Historical Attractions for All the Family (Guest Post)

Does your kid start yawning in the middle of their history lessons, or do they love everything antiquated? Whether or not your children are enthusiastic about the past, these exciting, historical attractions are great for all the family. Blenheim Palace Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace in 1874. It was initially given to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, in 1704 by Queen Anne who was thankful for his victory at the Battle … [Read more...]

Health Tips for Helping with Stress: Yoga and Stretching (Guest Post)

Yoga Girl

If there is any place that isn't Zen, it’s the workplace. Not only can work be a stressful environment, but being bent at a desk for around 8 hours a day can prove to be detrimental to your body’s health. There is a new workplace craze and it helps you to get in touch with your inner yogi…that’s a practitioner of yoga; not a bear. Stress Stress is one of the leading causes of employees taking sick-leave from work. Experts have even … [Read more...]

How to Generate Energy from Obscure Sources: Chicken Poop (Guest Post)


Some of us are more ecologically aware than others. There are those for whom climate change, recycling and carbon footprints are problems that someone else should be dealing with. Then there are those, the more socially responsible, who will go out of their way to do their bit to help save the planet for future generations. If you fall in to the second category then read on. Take methane, also known as biogas. Methane has a number of uses and … [Read more...]