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The Best Microfiber Mop to use with Kids Around


When you have a baby who is about to crawl you want to make sure your floors are clean enough to eat off of. You don't want your precious little one getting germs (or the dirt your toddler brought in from outside) into his mouth  from the floor. If you are looking for the best microfiber mop to use with kids around, look no further. This post is done in partnership with Microfiber Wholesale, however, all opinions are 100% my … [Read more...]

Summer Must-Have: Sustainable Swimwear from Eco Swim by Aqua Green

Sustainable Swimwear

You read that right!! Sustainable swimwear! It is definitely a must have for this summer and every summer going forward! I was thrilled to learn of the efforts being put forth from Eco Swim by Aqua Green. A recent press release confirms all of the amazing reasons why Eco Swim by Aqua Green is a summer must-have: Past years have solidified ECO SWIM as the leader in sophisticated, luxury swimwear made from nylons and polyesters derived from … [Read more...]

Five Fun Eco-Friendly Activity Tips


The time of year is upon us that has everyone ready to round up their family and get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. There are many fun activities to choose from during the spring and summer months. This year, you should consider planning family activities that are eco-friendly as well as fun for the entire family. 1. Go Biking This is a great activity for everyone in the family regardless of age. If you have one who is too … [Read more...]

Planet Shoes + Patagonia = Heaven this Fall (Giveaway)

Patagonia Better Clog Fall 2013

I admit it: I am addicted to sandals. I really don't like anything on my feet in the warmer months and I get so comfortable with slip on shoes/sandals in the spring and summer that I have the hardest time adjusting to fall and wearing shoes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoes. It's just an adjustment since I adore sandals! I recently partnered with Planet Shoes on a review of Patagonia shoes and now I have a reason to love fall, too! Patagonia is … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Pest Management (Guest Post)


It may seem the wrong time of year to start thinking about your garden; however maintenance of your flowers and plants needs to continue all year round – even during the cold winter months. One aspect of garden management that causes a lot of debate is the way that we manage pests. Chemicals and pesticides used to be a common part of your back yard equipment. But now we know how damaging these types of chemicals can be, we need to look to … [Read more...]

Ways to Save on Electricity

We could all use a few reminders on how to save electricity. If you are new to going green you may be wondering how electricity can contribute to the environment. Let me see if I can answer that for you. Most of the time electricity is created by burning coal, which then turns the turbines and creates electricity. The more coal that is burned, the more greenhouse gases are produced. Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Too much … [Read more...]

The Cookware Company/GreenPan Review

Ladies, I have an amazing product to share with you today! I absolutely love to cook. My wonderful husband would question that since I don't do it everyday, but when I have the time, I love it! It has been rather difficult for me to find cookware that I love but I have recently found just that...cookware that I am totally in love with! It's called GreenPan and these products are referred to as a "new generation of cookware". GreenPan develops … [Read more...]

Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

I love reviewing new products that I know can will make a huge difference in our planet saving efforts! When I was given the opportunity to review Planet Wise's newest line, "Bag Your Snack Stuff" I knew I had to do it! First, let me just say that I love Planet Wise! They are the creators of some amazing wet bags, pail liners, changing pads and Best Bottoms diapers! This is a company that is really making a positive impact on our Earth! I LOVE … [Read more...]

Meshy hotSACKS Review and GIVEAWAY!

Sponsored by Tomoson.com hotSACKS is a company that was formed because of a photographer's desire to help wean people off of plastic. Diana Nethercott wanted to offer a solution to people who wanted to look good but at the same time wanted to help the Earth. She created reusable bags that are stylish and Earth-friendly! These reusable bags look SO much better than the chain store's bags, you have to check them out!  Not only do they have … [Read more...]