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5 Things You Need to Successfully Feed Your Infant

HappyBaby Organic Infant Formula

    Being a mom can be difficult. A first time mom? It can be stressful. It's also one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. I'll never forget becoming a mom for the first time. It changed my world in a way I could have never imagined. This tiny little baby depended on me to give him everything he needed and I wanted to give him the world. Every parent has dreams of how parenting will be, what they plan to do and how it should … [Read more...]

A Refreshing Treat for Nursing Mamas – A Lactation Smoothie

Lactation Smoothie

This post was sponsored by Premama as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Having nursed four children I know how hard it can be. I know how much of a struggle some women experience. I love bringing you news about great products that can help you succeed in nursing your little ones. On a recent trip to our local Meijer I saw various Premama products in their vitamin section, … [Read more...]

Recycle Your Breastpump & Help NICU Mamas with #MedelaRecycles

recycle your breast pump

As a mama who has nursed four babies, I've been through my share of breast pumps. I always wished there was a way to recycle my breastpumps and now there is! I'm so excited to share with you the news of Medela Recycles and Medela is generously offering one lucky reader their very own Freestlye pump! With a new program called Medela Recycles, you can recycle your breastpump and help NICU mamas in the process! This program was created in … [Read more...]

Letting Daddy Feed Baby, too with Help from Philips AVENT’s Comfort Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump

When LA was born almost four years ago I NEVER wanted to leave him with daddy or anyone else and go somewhere. I was obsessed with my milk supply and so worried about messing it up. I felt like if I wasn't working (when I HAD to be away) then I should be with him nursing him. When Addy was born two years ago, I hadn't changed much. It was rare during our nursing days that I left her with anyone other than when I was at work. Of course, there were … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – A 15 Month Nursing Update

Did you read that title? That's right ladies....as of Monday we will be at 15 months of nursing!! I know, almost a week left, but I am confident we'll make it. Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I haven't been posting every week like this meme originally started. Our journeys haven't changed a lot so we don't want to bore you with the same ole facts but we do want to keep this meme going along with our journey so we'll still post on … [Read more...]

Check Out the New Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

AVENT breast pump

I was sent the below mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I personally used the product for several weeks before coming to these conclusions. Breastfeeding my babies has been a priority of mine since I became a mother and something I feel is very important. Because I work outside of the home I have needed to pump breast milk in order to keep my supply going … [Read more...]

Pumping Made Easy with Lansinoh’s New Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

Breast pumping made easy!

When you hear "Lansinoh", do you automatically think "breastfeeding products"? I sure do! They are a market leader in breastfeeding accessories and healthy innovations for mamas! In February, they released a new breastpump, the Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump. As a mama who works full time outside of the home, I was thrilled to be lucky enough to test one of these out and tell you all about it! I have been pumping a total of two … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Weaning – Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base

Weaning is a tough choice no matter who makes that decision. Many women ask the question "when is it time to wean my baby?" Although the answer to that really comes down to a personal choice, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed for at least six months, and to breastfeed in combination with foods until baby is one year old. With my oldest son, I decided when to wean and that happened a bit earlier than I wish looking back. It happened … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Inspiration

Welcome to another week of Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base! This week we want to share inspiring stories about our start in breastfeeding. Who inspired you to start breastfeeding? What inspires you to keep going? The obvious reason is our kids, but many of us have something deeper. Let's talk about that. Wow, did I really just come up with that? Hmmm, now I have to figure out the answers. LOL ....well, as far as a person inspiring me to … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – A Laugh

Breastfeeding Comic

It's a late edition of Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base! Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner and I are trying to get back on schedule after the busy holidays and this week we wanted to share a comic with you to hopefully put a smile on your face! Enjoy! HAHA!!  Some times I feel like this! ;)  Be sure to stop by and see what Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner has to make you smile! Happy Nursing Mamas! <3   … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – A Funny and Some Fast Facts

Breastfeeding Cows

This week Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base is just a bit entertaining! We want to put a smile on your face with a comic and/or give you some interesting fact about nursing. Be sure to stop by and see what Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner has in store for you, too! :) Happy Nursing! Some interesting facts I found: Almost three-quarters of mums produce more milk with their right breast no correlation to being right or left handed, just … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – How Does Breastfeeding Affect Your Welfare?

Here we are at Tuesday again and with Tuesday comes one of my favorite weekly posts: Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base! You all know I am passionate about breastfeeding and I love talking about it. This week Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner and I will be discussing how breastfeeding affects our welfare. Not only breastfeeding though, how other parenting things affect our welfare too! So mama, get your thoughts out and if you are a blogger, post … [Read more...]

Cantaloop #Pregnancy and Nursing Tank Top Review

When I was pregnant with LA I practically lived in a nursing tank top when I was at home. After I had him, even more so! This pregnancy is no different! I am finding the nursing tank top to be one of the most comfortable things I can wear. I thought I had one brand of nursing tank that I adored and in my mind, there were none better...until now!     Cantaloop Nursing Tank Top I was excited about trying the Cantaloop … [Read more...]

#LLN Nursing in Public

I've heard so many expectant mamas say that nursing in public frightens them. They don't know what to expect. They don't know how others will view them. They don't want others viewing them, etc. Let me start by easing your mind...nursing in public is not a scary thing! :) When I had my oldest son, he would cry every time I started to eat. So, that meant if we were in a restaurant, I would have to stop and feed him. Now, in a restaurant I would … [Read more...]

#LLN Storing Breast Milk

To go along with pumping at work I want to also discuss storing breast milk. It can seem intimidating at first to make sure all of your milk is stored properly and used within the right amount of time. Here's a little guideline that I received with my Ameda breast pump: Freshly pumped breast milk can last in a refrigerator for 8 days can last in a refrigerator's freezer for 3-4 months can last in a deep freezer for 12 months can last in … [Read more...]

#LLN Pumping At Work

I am by no means a professional when it comes to advice on breastfeeding. I have breastfed two babies and that is the extent of my experience. With these posts, I am simply trying to give new moms an idea of what I have been through. :) Pumping at work isn't so bad once you get into a routine. The routine is key. You will want to talk to your employer in advance to make sure there is a place you can pump in privacy. You will probably want to make … [Read more...]

#LLN My List of Breastfeeding (sorta) Must-Haves

There are VERY few items that are a MUST-HAVE for breastfeeding. There are many things that make nursing a bit easier. For my absolute MUST-HAVES list.... lactating breasts :) baby Yep, that is it. That's all you NEED to breastfeed. You may also need these items, depending on your nursing experience: nipple cream nursing pads When I was breastfeeding my first son I was a lot younger and didn't have the resources to get … [Read more...]

Stylin’ Momma/Passion Spice #LLN Sponsor Spotlight

Our next sponsor for the Let Love Nourish Breastfeeding Awareness Event is Stylin' Momma who is donating the winner's choice of a Passion Spice nursing bra and panty set!  Katy at Stylin' Momma believes that women shouldn't have to sacrifice style for function and she only sells items that she has used and believes in. I love shopping at a place where you know for sure another mom in the same situation has tried the products!  Stylin' Momma … [Read more...]

#LLN Getting Through The Beginning Pains of Nursing

I nursed my oldest son 15 years ago. I remember there being pain in the beginning, but I didn't really remember it being so bad. I gave birth to LA last July and for the first month or so I remember tremendous pain. It was like I was a first time mom again after 15 years and I didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that it hurt and it hurt BAD. Nursing and Pain As a first time mom you may not be aware of the pain that can come with … [Read more...]

Milk Diapers #LLN Sponsor Spotlight

As you all know I had plenty of milk supply issues when I was breastfeeding LA but even I needed nursing pads early on. I suggest nursing pads to every new mama because they are really something she will use until her milk supply adjusts to her baby's needs. There are plenty of disposable nursing pads available, but we don't want to contribute more to the trash problem, do we?  I am so happy that there are now reusable nursing pads on the … [Read more...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Sponsor Spotlight

One of my favorite companies when it comes to breastfeeding products is Earth Mama Angel Baby. They use the highest-quality, certified-organic or organically grown herbs and oils for their teas, bath herbs, gentle handmade soaps, salves, lotions and massage oils. Their products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Earth Mama Angel Baby has a commitment to honor the earth! They … [Read more...]

Our Breastfeeding Journey

As many of you know, our breastfeeding journey has been a struggle. Nearly the entire time I have pumped JUST enough for LA when I am working. I did occasionally have some days that allowed me to store some in the freezer, but around 6 months even that stopped. I rarely ever pumped more than I needed and some days I didn't pump enough. I would pump every morning, whether I worked or not and that is what got us through on those days that I didn't … [Read more...]