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Looking Ways to Add Nutrition to Family Meals?

Lasagna Ingredients

So, in the past few weeks baby Addy has decided that she is done with baby food. She will go on an eating strike if we try to give it to her. We have some leftover jars of baby food that I now need to figure out what to do with. I recently made lasagna and found that it's super easy to add some extra nutrition to the meal just by adding some baby food! Check this out! These are my normal ingredients for my lasagna: noodles, hamburger, sauce … [Read more...]

Baby Gourmet Review

Baby Gourmet is a newer organic baby food company that has some amazing combinations! This new line of organic purees and home style meals that became available in Canada in January 2011 and will arrive in mass retailers in the USA by this September. They have stage 1 purees for 6+ months, stage 2 combos for 7+ months and stage 3 tasty textures for 8+ months. They also have a 15 month shelf life and their packaging is BPA free! The president … [Read more...]

Peter Rabbit Organics Review and GIVEAWAY

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small, privately owned company that was started by a group of five people who had a desire to put children's health first. They wanted to create a snack that was healthy and did not contain sugar or salt. They wanted to know that the foods they ate (and their children ate) contained no artificial ingredient but still tasted good. What they came up with became Peter Rabbit Organics, super tasty food that is produced in … [Read more...]