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Organic and the “Dirty Dozen”

Since I started my "going green" journey I have been wanting to get everything organic that I can! Unfortunately, financially it's not possible right now. I do buy some things organic and all of LA's baby food is organic, whether I make it or use pouches (like our new favorites, Ella's Kitchen) or jars. I started researching making baby food a few months ago and found some very interesting information. I was searching for all kinds of apps on … [Read more...]

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review and GIVEAWAY!

Ella's Kitchen organic baby food is another product I was so excited to review (er have LA review!) :) Ella's organic baby food was created by a dad who promised his little girl that she would only eat the most healthy, wholesome, organic foods. He understands how difficult it is to get our little ones to enjoy eating fruits AND veggies. This company approaches things from a child's point of view. They have created recipes that connect with … [Read more...]

Being green versus being frugal…

We all know my mission this year is to be more green. For the longest time I have been a coupon using, sale loving mama and I am now finding myself battling between the choice of being green or being frugal! It's so hard for me to pass up a sale on something that I also have a coupon for that will allow me to get it for almost free or free. The things that I can get like this are almost never green products. A recent example of this is laundry … [Read more...]

Ammonia stink issues? :(

So lately I've noticed a strong smell to some of our diapers. It is just the ones we use for overnight and they all have microfiber inserts. I am so bummed that we have gone 6+ months with no issues at all and now we have stink issues. I noticed a small rash on LA the other day too. I am scared of him getting ammonia burns so we are using sposies for overnight again for now until I can figure out the problem. I know, not the green thing to do. … [Read more...]

Where I’ve been…

I've been absent from the blogging world for the past week and I just wanted to fill you all in. My little guy had what we thought was a cold early last week. I ended up getting the flu on top of us having a fussy, sick baby boy. You all know it's rough being sick and taking care of a sick little one but we've made it through the roughest part, I think. I hope. LA's cough kept getting worse and he started wheezing. We ended up taking him to the … [Read more...]

Applied Labels review

Ever since LA started daycare six months ago I've been dealing with the center putting tape on his bottles daily to write his name and date on them. Every night I would have to remove the tape and in the beginning it bothered me, but it just became part of my daily routine and I didn't think much about it after a while. When I was given the opportunity to review Applied Labels I was super excited! We received 60 labels with LA's name and an … [Read more...]

BabyBond review and GIVEAWAY!

As determined as I was to nurse my baby, I made sure to get what I believed to be the "essential" nursing products while I was pregnant. I got two nursing covers, I figured I would keep one at home in case we got company and I needed one and I'd keep the other in the diaper bag for outings. Eight months after giving birth, I can count on one hand how many times I used those nursing covers. They are the covers that go around my neck and over baby … [Read more...]

Trying so hard to make it one year!

I breastfed my oldest son for ten months. I only stopped because I was young and he started biting and I just quit because I didn't want him to bite me. Stupid, I know. Fourteen years later I had my second child and I have been determined to breastfeed LA for a year, a full year. I have told my husband if he starts biting and I can't get him to stop I will pump at least til the one year mark. I have been very determined all along. Today I am … [Read more...]

Eight months have passed…

Wow, I can hardly believe how fast this year is going. My sweet little baby is eight months old already! My birthday in 2010 was one of the best days of my life because I gave birth to you! You have since given me more smiles and moments of joy than I can even count! You have accomplished so much this month my little sugar bear. You are becoming quite the little eater! You learned how to crawl, and you are all over! LA, you are a BUSY little boy! … [Read more...]

All Natural Bath and Body

I often feel one of the hardest parts about what I do is education.  How do you impart to someone the importance of getting away from this unnatural chemically dependent life to a more natural one? I mean really, the more you know the easier it is to be convinced but I think scare tactics are a bad approach.  However, when I read the data…I am scared.  So, how do I do it?  Gently ease someone into turning the rock over and examining it without … [Read more...]

Mama Little Helper Review and GIVEAWAY! **CLOSED**

 I was sent the baby green organic cloth diaper with Bamboo insert to review. It is a one size diaper so it will fit from approximately 7-30 pounds! It comes in some very pretty colors.I love the color that I was sent for LA to try and I also love that this diaper is made of 98% Bamboo and only 2% Microfiber! I have become a big fan of Bamboo and this diaper has lots of it! Bamboo has higher absorbant levels too, great for cloth diapers!  Bamboo … [Read more...]

Best Bottoms Review and GIVEAWAY! **CLOSED**

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Best Bottoms one size diaper system. Best Bottoms was created by Nicki, the owner of Nicki's Diapers. She created Best Bottoms by combining the pros of all the different diaper types and eliminated the cons. The Best Bottoms diapering system is not in one of the main diaper classes: it’s not a pocket diaper, not an all in one, not a fitted and not a prefold. It is a diaper that is simplified and … [Read more...]

Why I chose to use cloth diapers

When I first heard about cloth diapers I thought about those old cloth diapers that most of our parents probably used. You know the ones that people use for burp cloths these days? And I have to admit I initially thought, “YUCK!” When I was pregnant I was part of a due date club online and I became friends with one of the ladies there. She had used cloth diapers with her older child and was going to use them this time too. I asked her to send me … [Read more...]

Organic now, not then…

I have been thinking a lot today about some of the differences in decisions I have made with my two boys. My oldest son is going to be 15 this year. My baby, LA is only 7 months old. Huge age difference, right? :) I have only given LA organic baby food or foods I have made for him using organic foods. I have read so much about all of the pesticides on fruits and veggies and I can't imagine giving my baby anything but organic foods. When I really … [Read more...]

Northern Essence – Review and GIVEAWAY!

I posted a while back about LA having eczema and one of my wonderful readers suggested I try Northern Essence products. I immediately looked into it and it sounded like they had some great natural products so I contacted them to see if they would be interested in letting me review their products. Traci, the owner was incredibly sweet and sent me a few items to review. Traci is a WAHM, and mother of five children! :) The most popular products at … [Read more...]

Organic/Natural Baby Part 1 – Skin Care

Hello green friends! This is part one of my organic/natural baby event. I want to talk about why I chose to use natural skin care products for my sweet LA. My husband will let you know how much it drives him crazy, but I am very picky about what we use for LA. His skin is super sensitive and he has eczema so finding just the right skin care hasn't been an easy task. I chose to use natural skin care products because I have heard so many things … [Read more...]

Welcome March!

I am so happy to see March this year!  It's been so cold and we've gotten so much snow this winter and I am just ready for spring! I cannot wait to take LA outside to watch him discover everything in the world outside! :) It will be so fun! The month of March brings my first Organic/Natural Baby event! This month I will write about the importance of using organic and natural products with your baby. I'll give you my opinion … [Read more...]

Seven months and counting…

 My sweet LA, I cannot even believe I am writing your seven month letter already! I know I just said that at six months, but really? Another month already? Wow. Time is flying and you are changing and doing so many new things! You are SO close to crawling! You get up on all fours and rock back and forth and even move sometimes but you just haven't been able to coordinate all four yet to really crawl! I know it won't be long! You still have the … [Read more...]

Love our Planet this Valentine’s Day!

On a day that the world celebrates love and the small things you can do to make another smile, I want to celebrate our Earth and the small things we can do to make a difference in saving our planet! J I composed this list of many small things that you might not think of, but they will make a difference….let’s get into these habits together! 1)      Don’t preheat your oven and don’t open the door when checking on your food…simply turn the oven on … [Read more...]

Moon Dog Farm Nursing Necklace Review & GIVEAWAY!

I first came across the Moon Dog Farm nursing necklaces in a search I did on Etsy. Anyone who is or has nursed an infant around 4+ months knows how easily distracted they can be. Nursing necklaces give your little one something to look at, feel, and play with while nursing. They can also be of great help to us mamas who have a baby who stays latched on and turns his head when he hears something! OUCH! J When I first looked around the Moon Dog … [Read more...]


So I am getting ready for my Organic/Natural baby week in March and I am putting together a little poll...1) What organic products do you use for baby? (food, bath, clothing, etc)2) Do you think organic is better?3) Do you make your own baby food?4) Do you buy organic for you also or just baby?Thanks for your input! … [Read more...]

How GREEN are you?

Good morning all!  When I logged into Twitter this morning I saw that Kelly Wels posted this link on "How green are you?"....so of course I immediately clicked on the link and was taken to a great site that I didn't know about. And, I took the quiz. Of course you all know that my mission is to be more green this year so I am VERY ashamed to admit I was only a level 2 out of 10! (SHHHHHH!!! - Don't tell! LOL)  But you know what? That just lets me … [Read more...]