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I am the lucky mother to two wonderful boys, two precious baby girls and the wife to an amazing husband. We live in southeastern Michigan and my husband works hard as an elementary school teacher. Our sons are 19 years and 5 yrs, yes, there is a big age difference! 🙂 Our baby girls are 3 and 1. We are enjoying every moment with our children! I am a mama who is on a few missions… My green mission is not only about making small changes in our home to make big differences to our Earth, but also about being financially responsible (we could all use more “green”!) as well as spreading the word that this is not a black or a white world we live in. Our children are biracial beauties and thinking “green” to me also means not seeing a person’s color but instead working to make it a natural thing that races and cultures mix and no one thinks twice or cares about who loves who as long as it’s true love. Green symbolizes growth, and as a world we need to grow in our vision! <3 Won’t you help me in making this a better place for everyone?


 Every little bit helps.


In my spare time, which is rare (haha), I enjoy photography, crafts, horseback riding, reading, traveling and spending time with family. I also truly enjoy writing and putting things together for this blog and love to blog about being “green”, toddler crafts, cooking and parenting. Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it and hope you’ll return soon!

 Feel free to contact me at mamaonagreenmission (at) gmail (dot) com with questions or requests.






  1. Rebecca Peters says:

    So glad that everyone seems to be going green lately! Its healthier for us and you save the planet at the same time! I look forward to each and every single one of your blogs and I <3 following! 🙂 My daughter will be approaching her 1st birthday soon and my god have I changed since becoming pregnant with her. Everything is reusable- I am not wasteful anymore. I have saved a ton of money- kiddos are NOT cheap! Who wouldve guessed you would save a ton of money by becoming green? Especially if you make all your own products at home with natural ingredients- stop buying all the commercial toxic stuff! Sorry- I can go on forever about it lol

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