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Essential Oils

Essential oils – it seems everyone is posting about them these days. I made the plunge last summer when I purchased my starter kit. I’ll be honest though, I was skeptical. I wanted to try them because I wanted to bring more natural ways into our home for my family. When I got them, I didn’t know a thing about them other than they could be good for various things. What? I didn’t really know. Things at my house are pretty busy and after I got them they just kinda sat around. For a few months. Yes, I didn’t really start using my oils until several months after I received them. I’m still working them into my every day life. More and more use comes each day and I’m loving the journey!

Why Young Living?

There are many companies out there that sell essential oils. How do you know which ones to use? Did you know that to be considered a pure oil, it only has to be 5% pure? Sad, isn’t it? After much research I found that Young Living met my standards and expectations. There was no other choice for me.

Why Young LivingOutside of being able to really trust Young Living, I know that you get what you pay for. My essential oils journey isn’t about how much they cost, but I know that quality can cost more. The less expensive oils are most likely diluted and have who knows what kind of ingredients in them. No thanks. I’ll stay with a company I can TRUST with my family.

Young Living Wholesale Membership

To get the best prices, you want to be part of the wholesale club because this option provides you 24% off retail price! As you use the oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the option (zero pressure!) of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living oils.

Young Living Difference

What kit do you recommend that I get started with?

To get the most bang for your buck, order the premium kits. I suggest the original Premium Starter Kit. You get all of this:

Young Living Starter Kit
Plus my gift to you for signing up – a $25 Essential Oils Reference Book!

Essential Oils Pocket Reference

There are ZERO obligation to sell oils when you join as a wholesale member. 

I am not a salesperson. At all. Really, you don’t have to sell a thing! I’ve created this page because I will be talking more and more about Essential Oils on my blog and I want you to know where you can get oils you can trust! The oils really make a difference in my life and I’m so happy to share them with others! 

Are there any monthly order requirements?

To retain an active wholesale account, you have to place one 50PV minimum order per year. If you miss that deadline, you can reactivate your account by calling Young Living Customer Care with a 100PV (point volume) order.

If someone wants to join Young Living through me, what do I give them?

When you join, you will be assigned your own member number to give to anyone who is interested in signing up under you.

Is there a way to save even more money? 

Yes! The Essential Rewards program offers reduced shipping, credit for free oils & more!  Each month there are great promotions for free oils when you place an Essential Rewards order. The Essential Rewards program is completely optional and never required at sign up. I signed up in June of 2014 but didn’t start the rewards program until January of this year when I realized I will be ordering regularly.

What kind of support do I get after joining Young Living through you?

When you join Young Living through me, I don’t leave you hanging or wondering what to do next. I promise! You will get access to the private Oily Family Room Facebook group that is a wealth of information. You can search the archives, ask questions, get tips on how to use your oils, and “talk shop” with other oilers. You can also message/email me with questions and I’ll be happy to help!

How to sign up with Young Living Essential Oils:

1. Click here to begin the quick and easy enrollment process.

2. Select “Wholesale Member” not retail customer. This is the wholesale membership. You are NOT AGREEING TO SELL or distribute anything. Pinky promise! If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing and will pay retail which is 24% more than wholesale.

3. Make sure my member number (1887869) is in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots. You’ll want to make sure you enter this so I can send you the reference book and another surprise gift!

4. Be sure to include your email address so I can invite you to the Oily Family Facebook support group . This support is vital for empowering you to use the oils to the fullest.

5. Choose the Premium Starter Kit you want (there are five to choose from) then proceed to check out. You do not have to order an Essential Rewards kit to join. Essential oils reward will place you on an autoship program to get free oils. If you’d like to be part of this program you can sign up at a later date and you still won’t have to purchase a kit to be part of it.

6. Done. Your oils are on their way, and so is your gift from me!

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at mamaonagreenmission@gmail.com.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. There is so much to learn regarding essential oils and green cleaning. I know essential oils have tons of other health benefits. My mother in law always has new uses and tips to share. Thanks for another resource.

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