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PreSchool Fall Art Projects for Your Toddler

Fall Art Projects

We are blessed with an amazing teacher at the daycare/preschool our kids go to. She adores the kids and spends so much time with them creating things. I wanted to share some of the preschool fall art projects that came home recently. These are all super fun for the kids because what kid doesn't love putting their hands or feet in paint?!  There's still plenty of time left in fall so grab your paints and construction paper and get those … [Read more...]

Celebrate with New Year’s Eve Toddler Activities

New Year's Even Toddler Activities

With two toddlers and a baby on the way, hubby and I won't be going out for New Year's Eve! Instead we'll be enjoying the day at home with our New Year's Eve toddler activities and cherishing the family time! Many people don't know what they can do with toddlers or young children to celebrate New Year's but there are lots of things to fill your day with excitement without having to go out to a party! 1) Art & Crafts I love doing arts and … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Art From a Toddler

Mother's Day Flower from Toddler

Mother's Day is just around the corner, believe it or not. My husband and I get double-hit because our mothers both have birthdays near the end of April and then Mother's Day is just 1-2 weeks after that! What can be more fun and meaningful that an art project from the grand kids? I've mentioned before that the kids do art projects at daycare often. This one came home the other day and I thought it was perfect for Mother's Day from the little … [Read more...]

The Most Beautiful Flowers Ever (#DIY #ToddlerArt)

Flowers by Toddlers

Sometimes a flower is all a woman needs to brighten her day. When I received these flowers, I knew I had just received the most beautiful flowers ever! Last week I highlighted some Valentine crafts that one of the ladies at our daycare did with Addy. This is another craft/art project that she did with Addy. I adore these flowers and it is so easy to make this for spring or even Mother's Day from the baby or toddler in your house! Make … [Read more...]

At Home With the Kids Today? Fun Valentine’s Ideas to Celebrate!

Many mamas stay inside with the kids on Valentine's Day since it's cold outside in many places! I know I'll be keeping our little ones at home most of the day. It's always fun on a holiday to do special projects and to just enjoy your day with your children! Instead of store bought goods, spend some time with your children and make gifts and snacks for them while also being environmentally conscious. Earth’s Best jars are perfect for craft … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Valentine’s Crafts with Toddlers

Crafty Valetine DIY Project

As much as I'd love to take credit for these adorable creations, I can't. When my husband picked up LA and Addy at daycare yesterday their bag contained all of these super cute and easy Valentine's crafts! I thought, "how perfect for last minute gifts for grandparents!!" Not to mention, they are perfect for mama's fridge! <3 Simple! It's just two hearts cut out with holes punched around and then pipe cleaners throughout the holes to join … [Read more...]