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Fruit Yogurt Smoothies with DHA Perfect for Summer Toddler Snacking

Fruit Smoothie with DHA

Have you seen the new Fruit Yogurt Smoothies from Earth's Best that contain 17 mg of Omega-3 DHA fatty acids, which is critical for baby's brain and eye development? Available in three flavors, these fruit yogurt smoothies are sure to please! Apple Apricot, Mango Banana, and Peach Pear are the tasty varieties available to satisfy your toddler's summer snacking needs! These smoothies are available in stage two, meaning they are great for … [Read more...]

Summer Toddler Snacks from Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Puffs

It can be tough to keep toddlers interested in snacks or meals. Sometimes they get set on specific items and only want to eat those things. It can be difficult to find the perfect balance and variety in their daily menu. This summer we are working on introducing new and healthy items, while at the same time keeping some of our toddler's favorite snacks a part of their diets. We are on-the-go a lot more in the warmer months so we always look … [Read more...]

LA’s Favorite Snack

Earth's Best Cookies

I just had to share these photos I took of LA with his favorite snack! These Earth's Best Letter of the Day Cookies features various letters that look like toy blocks! They are so fun and delicious the kids will always want them! Best of all, mamas? They are GOOD for them! It's a win-win situation at snack time! Check out the facts about these yum-o snacks: Great tasting way for kids to learn their ABCs Sweet cinnamon and hearty … [Read more...]

Celebrate Spring with Lunchtime Butterflies

Lunchtime Butterflies

I am an Earth’s Best blogger and was not compensated for this post, however I am sent products from the company. Full disclosure at the bottom. Spring has finally arrived, although here in Michigan the weather isn't convincing! LOL I wanted to share this adorable idea for lunchtime butterflies to give the kids a bit more of a "fun" lunch! Take a look at how I made these! Here are the materials you will need to make the butterflies (we … [Read more...]

Stonyfield’s Smoothies on the Moo-ve with Our Family Outing

Stonyfield Fun

Disclosure: I am a Stonyfield ambassador and was sent a gift card and Stonyfield Smoothies in order to plan this day. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. LA and Addy are getting to an age where they love playing together and they love experiencing new things! Stonyfield wanted to provide us with the means for a family outing so we planned a day at an indoor amusement park that we knew the kids would … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best Day 3

Welcome to the final edition of Valentine's Day with Earth's Best! I am pledging to make the tradition of giving our little ones HEALTHY treats and hope you'll join me in doing so! Earlier today I featured a great DIY craft to give the little ones for Valentine's Day or to use in classroom parties...with HEALTHY snacks! Today we have another snack that is perfect for giving your little ones this Valentine's Day! It's easier than you think to make … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best Day 2

Earth's Best Sunny Days

Welcome to a second edition of Valentine's Day with Earth's Best! I am pledging to make the tradition of giving our little ones HEALTHY treats and hope you'll join me in doing so! Yesterday I featured one amazing Earth's Best Valentine's treat and today we have another that is perfect for giving your little ones this Valentine's Day! It's easier than you think to make Valentine's Day healthy, and your kids won't even miss the sugary goods with … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Valentine's Banner

Every Valentine's Day there's a ton of candy sold! So many parents buy gifts for their little ones that have sugar/chocolate or other unhealthy snacks. Let's pledge to make this change in tradition and give our little ones HEALTHY treats! Over the next few days I'm going to feature some treats that will be perfect for giving your little ones for Valentine's Day! Children associate Valentine’s Day with one word: candy. Older and wiser, … [Read more...]

Earth’s Best Has New Yogurt Puffs! Enter to Win!

You know how excited I've been about this next phase with Earth's Best and this is just one reason why!! I get to share *NEW* Earth’s Best products with you! They now have Organic® Yogurt Puffs! Earlier this year, yogurt was named the food trend of the decade, and now, Earth’s Best Organic is bringing our little ones new Yogurt Puffs! Earth’s Best is taking yogurt above and beyond with these flavorful, bite size morsels. The new Yogurt Puffs … [Read more...]

Have a Healthy Halloween Party for Your Little Ones!

Halloween is a fun time to have a small gathering of toddlers for a celebration. Healthy snacks are a requirement when it comes to toddler parties! Whether it’s a fun-filled gathering with a bunch of little ones for Halloween or a birthday party, Earth’s Best is excited to provide a multitude of festive and nutritious tips to host a party this month! Looking for healthy snacks to serve? Children actually love strawberries, bananas, … [Read more...]

Keeping My Toddler Happy with Happy Snax (Giveaway)

Earth's Best Snax

With summer drawing to a close, it’s essential to find ways to keep toddlers smiling as seasons change and the cool temperatures close in on us. Luckily, Earth’s Best recently introduced a brand new tasty and visually appealing on-the-go toddler snack- Earth’s Best Happy Snax! These snax definitely keep our little guy smiling! He loves his snax and these have proven to be another hit in our home! New Earth’s Best Organic® Happy Snax Whole … [Read more...]

Feel Good About Snacking with Peeled Snacks (Giveaway)

Peeled Snacks

I have a snack addiction that I too often do not feel good about. I often try to eat healthy snacks, but I am not always successful. Since I am currently nursing baby Addy, I make sure to snack throughout the day to get enough calories and nutritious foods. The goal at Peeled Snacks is to make you feel good about snacking, that simple. For me, they did just that! Feel Good Snacks! With Peeled Snacks, I definitely feel good about snacking. I … [Read more...]

Father and Son Feeding the Ducks

Breaking up the Bread

The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. It wasn't hot, it wasn't cold and there was the perfect breeze! We visited the park and daddy and LA love feeding the ducks. There is a park not far from where we live that is just beautiful and my husband and I have gone there since we were dating. We love it! We took along our handy dandy empty Earth's Best snack container, being re-used as a container to hold bread for the ducks. When we … [Read more...]

My Smart Lil Shopper


I posted about our shopping experience this past weekend and at that time we also purchased a shopping cart for LA because he LOVES one that a friend's child has. He's been carting this thing around the house all week and is in love with it! I just had to show you one of his recent "shopping" activities! See how he put Elmo in the front of the cart? Oh and what's that in the back of the cart? Let's look closer at what he was shopping … [Read more...]

The Importance of Fruits and Veggies for Toddlers (Giveaway)

Organic Apple Sauce

As much as children shy away from them, fruits and veggies are a very important tool in the growth process. If parents cultivate the habit of feeding their children fruits and vegetables on a regular basis at a young age, they have a higher chance of instilling a habit that children will keep up when they are older! This is something we are constantly working on with LA, and will with baby Addy. Although eating fruits and vegetables regularly … [Read more...]

Reusable Snack Bags from Eco-Ditty

Eco Ditty logo

Changing to eco-friendly products in our home was one of my goals when starting this blog. I've been fortunate to work with some great companies and to learn about some great products along my journey. One of the newest companies I've have the pleasure of learning about is Eco-Ditty. Eco-Ditty makes reusable snack and sandwich bags, but there is one other little fact that separates them from the other companies that make this type of product: … [Read more...]

My New Snack Addiction – Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn and a Giveaway!


I have been big on snacks for as long as I can remember. My husband and LA have a thing for popcorn. When I was contacted to do a review for Oogies Gourmet Popcorn I couldn't wait to get it! When I looked at their website and saw all of the flavors they offered I was really excited. I mean, popcorn is great, but add some flavoring and WHOA - it's even better!! Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn was being perfected in 2004 and 2005. They shipped out their … [Read more...]

Little Duck Organics Review and GIVEAWAY!

Recently, eating time has become a huge part of LA's life. This little boy LOVES to eat. He loves snacktime and all meals of the day! I always watch the labels of the foods we give him because I don't want him to have things that are unhealthy or have added artificial ingredients. An amazing product we came across recently is Little Duck Organics. These are perfect for a little one's snack time and are super healthy with nothing added but the … [Read more...]

Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

I love reviewing new products that I know can will make a huge difference in our planet saving efforts! When I was given the opportunity to review Planet Wise's newest line, "Bag Your Snack Stuff" I knew I had to do it! First, let me just say that I love Planet Wise! They are the creators of some amazing wet bags, pail liners, changing pads and Best Bottoms diapers! This is a company that is really making a positive impact on our Earth! I LOVE … [Read more...]

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review and GIVEAWAY!

Ella's Kitchen organic baby food is another product I was so excited to review (er have LA review!) :) Ella's organic baby food was created by a dad who promised his little girl that she would only eat the most healthy, wholesome, organic foods. He understands how difficult it is to get our little ones to enjoy eating fruits AND veggies. This company approaches things from a child's point of view. They have created recipes that connect with … [Read more...]