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Get in Shape Gift Ideas at DICK’S Sporting Goods

Nike at DICK'S Sporting Goods

After having our last baby, baby number five, in September I am ready to get in shape. I need to lose those extra pounds once and for all. With the New Year comes new fitness goals and I'm thankful Christmas is right around the corner so I can give all of my get in shape gift ideas to my husband on my Christmas list! I know so many mamas that are working hard to get in shape after baby and I've partnered with DICK'S Sporting Goods to tell you all … [Read more...]

Loving the Quality from Pediped’s Fall Collection

Pediped Kenadi

Over the years I've developed a fondness for fashionable footwear. I've mentioned my shoe obsession many times. Strappy sandals, glitzy flipflops, chunky wedges and ballet flats, I've got a pair of just about everything you can imagine and love them all equally. Unfortunately for me my feet have paid the price for my trendy choices; I now suffer from the occasional aches and pains associated with less than stellar support. Although I regret my … [Read more...]

Stay Connected to the Earth’s Surface and Benefit Your Health with Juil Shoes

Juil logo

Shoes have always been a love of mine. I am intrigued by unique brands that have something new to offer. In recent years I've gotten more intrigued by green, eco-friendly or earth type shoes. I was recently introduced to Juil and received a pair for review. Their information really grabbed my attention. They help us stay connected to the earth's surface and also benefit our health! Got your attention, too...right?  To put it simply, our sandals … [Read more...]

A Gift Every Toddler Could Use this Holiday – Pediped Has the Answer!

Pediped Giselle

As fun as it is buying toys for the little ones, we also have to (or should) think practically and buy them things they could really use. I LOVE giving shoes as a gift because they are always needed with the way kids grow so fast! One of our favorite brands year round is pediped® and I was thrilled to receive a pair of pedipeds® for Addy for review this holiday season! They really do make the perfect toddler gift! One reason I love … [Read more...]

Planet Shoes + Patagonia = Heaven this Fall (Giveaway)

Patagonia Better Clog Fall 2013

I admit it: I am addicted to sandals. I really don't like anything on my feet in the warmer months and I get so comfortable with slip on shoes/sandals in the spring and summer that I have the hardest time adjusting to fall and wearing shoes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoes. It's just an adjustment since I adore sandals! I recently partnered with Planet Shoes on a review of Patagonia shoes and now I have a reason to love fall, too! Patagonia is … [Read more...]

Victoria Footwear Has My Feet Covered in Style this Spring

Victoria Shoes Logo

I've been fond of shoes since I was a teen. My mama used to complain about how many shoes I had and today my husband complains about it! haha! I don't even wear most of my shoes that often. I find a few pairs that are most comfortable and I stick to them. But, I still have this need to keep buying shoes. I guess in hopes that they will be "the pair" for the next few months. When I saw the styles that Victoria Footwear offered I was intrigued. … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – soleRebels Footwear Review and GIVEAWAY! TWO WINNERS!

I was so excited to tell all of you about soleRebels in our sponsor spotlight yesterday. If you haven't read this post PLEASE DO! This is an incredible company that is led by an incredible woman and I am thrilled about reviewing their shoes and I am honored to share them with you! It was such a hard choice deciding which shoes to get for my husband to review. After all, this is a Father's Day event so I couldn't really get a pair for myself! … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – soleRebels Footwear Sponsor Spotlight

When I look for gifts, I look for things that are made of recycled materials and/or are environmentally friendly. I want the products I give to others to have at least one earth-friendly feature because I feel I am supporting the green world that I believe in and I am helping to spread the word about these great products by giving them to another person.  Obviously, this isn't something I ALWAYS do, but it's always my starting point when … [Read more...]