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Let Equal Exchange Add a Little Fair Trade into Your Fundraising

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Are you looking for great ways to raise money for your child's school, your church, your sports team or any other group? Equal Exchange is a worker-owned coop dedicated to quality Fair Trade and Organic products that supports small farmers. Every year they run a holiday program to add a little Fair Trade flair into fundraising! Their delicious goods make unique fundraising gifts that people will love, all while supporting small farmers around the … [Read more...]

Shocking Facts About Trash (10 Reasons You’ll Be Buried Alive)

Trash in the US has become a big problem. We recycle as much as we can in our home, but I'm sure there is more that we can do. Take a look at this shocking infographic that contains facts about trash. Looking at these facts makes me feel/know that our family needs to do more! A few things I don't think about when it comes to the trash problem are yard waste and scrap food. This information makes me appreciate, even more, my husband and his … [Read more...]