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Save Money with Packages from Connect Your Home

Connect Your Home

In today's world we all rely heavily on phone, Internet and television services. Technology is a must in our lives. We recently had some storms in my area and we were left without our cable, Internet and home phone for a whole week! That quickly reminded us how much we really rely on these services. It also reminded us how much we pay for these services because when we didn't have them we wanted a credit for the days we were without service. … [Read more...]

Go Green Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight – Ecover

Our Go Green Giveaway Event is live and our final sponsor spotlight and product review is for Ecover. Ecover's products include dishwashing, laundry, household and personal care items. They use powerful plant-based and mineral ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Big thumbs up to Ecover!  Ecover's mission is simple: "Ecover offers efficient and sustainable solutions for the hygienic needs of people today and future generations." … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning – Decluttering/Organizing All of These Toys! #Walltracks

Fall has arrived and with this new season, I am always looking to do some fall cleaning around the house! Now that our little guy is fully mobile and playing with all kinds of toys we have toys everywhere some days! We do have a specific play area for him, but why is it so hard to keep that play area clean? I want to give some tips for fall clean up and organizing of all of those kid toys I know you have around your house! 1) When my oldest … [Read more...]

GREEN Carpet – AND That’s Not the Color!!

I am so excited first of all that we are getting new carpet! It's going to be incredibly nice and I really can't wait to walk barefoot on our new soft carpet! So, the carpet salesman came to our house yesterday with his samples and the one I liked immediately was a "GREEN" choice! I didn't know that before I liked it either! I guess in my green journey, I am automatically drawn to green things. HAHA! But seriously, I didn't even know they had … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – How Green Is Your Cookout?

Green your cookout

This is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan and if you are anything like my husband and I, you love to cookout! I love it primarily because my husband is an awesome cook on the grill, but also because I get a break from cooking! :) This year I started really thinking about our cooking out and wondering if there were ways we could be more green. I'd like to share some tips on making your cookout more green! The thing I read that was … [Read more...]

Celadon Road Review and GIVEAWAY!

When I had the opportunity to do a review for Celadon Road I found it so hard to chose what type of products I wanted to review, because they have so many! They offer not only cleaning products, but also shower gels, sugar & salt scrubs, mud masks, baby bottles, toys, lovies, gift bags, reusable sandwich bags, shopping bags, and the list goes on and on! Celadon Road is a direct selling company that makes it easier to live a greener life by … [Read more...]