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10 #Holiday Planning Tips

It's hard to believe the holidays are almost here already! This time of year goes by so quickly so we have to be sure to plan everything in order to not forget something. We have two families to spend time with in two different states. We have kids to organize, school breaks to figure out, holiday greeting cards to prepare, holiday pictures, holiday decorating and tons of other stuff. Here is my list of top 10 Holiday Planning Tips to easily get … [Read more...]

Make it a #GREEN #Halloween! National Costume Swap Day is October 8!

This year we got LA's first costume from a review I did of Costumer Discounters. Next year, we will be either re-using this costume for the new baby (if it will fit, but I am doubting it will) or we will be participating in National Costume Swap Day!   Have you ever stopped to think about how many costumes are bought just for a ONE time use? Most of them eventually end up in the landfill and then you have the packaging too, which ends up … [Read more...]

Costume Discounters Review – Great for Halloween!

As fast as this year is going Halloween will be here before we know it! I have wondered off and on over this past year what we would dress LA in for Halloween since last year he was too small to really enjoy it.  We are huge Winnie the Pooh fans (his nursery is done in Pooh, and even our oldest son's nursery was Pooh!) so I wanted to find something related to the characters on Pooh but didn't want to go with the typical Pooh costume. I wanted … [Read more...]