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Five Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Green Cleaning Tips

Spring is almost here, thank God! I know the past few days it's been a bit warmer and it's created some energy in me! After being cooped up in the house during our cold winter here in Michigan, I've been wanting to get busy with spring cleaning. When those thoughts first came to my mind, I also asked myself "where will I start?" Take a look at these tips to get you started on your journey with spring cleaning! De-clutter your wardrobe. … [Read more...]

Save Energy with Insignia LED Lightbulbs

Insignia LED lighbulb

My husband was recently on a mission to change all the lightbulbs in the house to more energy efficient bulbs so he was thrilled to receive the new Insignia LED lighbulbs from Best Buy for review! In fact, he was so excited that as soon as the lightbulbs arrived he was taking them out of the package and installing them! Make a Difference with Insignia LED Light Bulbs These bulbs are available at Best Buy and online at BestBuy.com starting … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – How Green Is Your Cookout?

Green your cookout

This is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan and if you are anything like my husband and I, you love to cookout! I love it primarily because my husband is an awesome cook on the grill, but also because I get a break from cooking! :) This year I started really thinking about our cooking out and wondering if there were ways we could be more green. I'd like to share some tips on making your cookout more green! The thing I read that was … [Read more...]

Ways to Save on Electricity

We could all use a few reminders on how to save electricity. If you are new to going green you may be wondering how electricity can contribute to the environment. Let me see if I can answer that for you. Most of the time electricity is created by burning coal, which then turns the turbines and creates electricity. The more coal that is burned, the more greenhouse gases are produced. Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Too much … [Read more...]