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Work Your Toddler’s Brain with a Shapes Memory Game #DIY

Supplies for Memory Shapes

Outside of recycling our packaging of food products, we are always looking for ways to use them around the house. Our cardboard products have mostly been recycled, but now that my teacher hubby is at home with the kids during the summer we've been using them for art projects! Recently, we used the boxes from our favorite Earth's Best Sesame Street Snacks to make an easy and fun Shapes Memory Game! Ok, well it's not exactly a memory game...it's … [Read more...]

Fruit Yogurt Smoothies with DHA Perfect for Summer Toddler Snacking

Fruit Smoothie with DHA

Have you seen the new Fruit Yogurt Smoothies from Earth's Best that contain 17 mg of Omega-3 DHA fatty acids, which is critical for baby's brain and eye development? Available in three flavors, these fruit yogurt smoothies are sure to please! Apple Apricot, Mango Banana, and Peach Pear are the tasty varieties available to satisfy your toddler's summer snacking needs! These smoothies are available in stage two, meaning they are great for … [Read more...]

Summer Toddler Snacks from Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Puffs

It can be tough to keep toddlers interested in snacks or meals. Sometimes they get set on specific items and only want to eat those things. It can be difficult to find the perfect balance and variety in their daily menu. This summer we are working on introducing new and healthy items, while at the same time keeping some of our toddler's favorite snacks a part of their diets. We are on-the-go a lot more in the warmer months so we always look … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Reuse Wipes Containers

So you know that we use disposable wipes in our home so you can imagine we have lots of wipes containers laying around. We do care about the amount of trash we leave behind (err... sit out each week) so we are always trying to find ways to reuse the containers. Our baby wipes tubs from Earth's Best make great containers for so many things! We love Earth's Best wipes but don't want to throw away all of those tubs! Take a look at how we've been … [Read more...]

Earth’s Best – An Eco-Friendly Diapering Choice

Earth's Best Diapers

When I was pregnant with LA I wanted to cloth diaper, but I was scared. There were so many unknowns. I am so incredibly thankful that I did go through with it, however, we do not cloth diaper 100% of the time. For those mamas who do not use cloth 100% of the time or you just don't feel it's the right choice for you please know that Earth's Best has a fabulous eco-friendly alternative for you. Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers are a great … [Read more...]

Five Reasons You’ll Want to Try Earth’s Best Baby Wipes


I've tried cloth wipes. I really have. I just haven't been able to successfully get them into our routine. Being that we use cloth only part time, for our family disposable wipes have been the answer. We are aware that many brands have unsafe ingredients in their wipes, which is why I want to give you five reasons why we love Earth's Best wipes. Earth's Best is a brand we've been using for some time and we feel comfortable using them on our … [Read more...]

Diaper Facts with Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Diapers

Most of you are currently diapering a little one, or will be soon. Earth's Best provided us with some fun facts to share this month. I do realize that some of you use cloth diapers, in fact we use cloth part-time, but Earth's Best is a great disposable brand if you decide this is the route for your family. They are also great for trips or those times you need to get baby out of cloth for a few days because or rash/yeast issues. Take a look at … [Read more...]

Chlorine Free Diapers from Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers

We received a surprise delivery the other day! Earth's Best sent us boxes of their training pants for LA, diapers for Addy and wipes for both kiddos! As an ambassador I typically receive products each month, however, I was surprised at the amount they sent (and VERY thankful!) this month. The little ones were rather excited, too! Take a look at the fun they had with the packages and the help from Addy when Daddy was putting them away! I … [Read more...]

Jars or Pouches – What Do You Serve?

Baby food. It's something many of us feed our babies. When it  gets to be the right time, how do you make the choice of just what first foods your little one will have? And besides the choices of WHAT they will have, you also have to look into WHO will make the foods and whether you'll chose jars or pouches. Yes, there really are so many choices when it comes to feeding baby! No worries though, they can be simple choices with Earth's … [Read more...]

LA’s Favorite Snack

Earth's Best Cookies

I just had to share these photos I took of LA with his favorite snack! These Earth's Best Letter of the Day Cookies features various letters that look like toy blocks! They are so fun and delicious the kids will always want them! Best of all, mamas? They are GOOD for them! It's a win-win situation at snack time! Check out the facts about these yum-o snacks: Great tasting way for kids to learn their ABCs Sweet cinnamon and hearty … [Read more...]

The Benefits of DHA and ARA

I am an Earth’s Best blogger and was not compensated for this post, however I am sent products from the company. Full disclosure at the bottom.   Chances are you see all kinds of foods have labels these days that say the item has DHA inside. What are DHA and ARA and why do we need them in our baby’s formulas and foods? Dr. Austin Abramson provides the answers to all of your questions below! For more details and to read the full … [Read more...]

Use Instagram to Turn Your Baby Into the Next Baby Foodie

Earth's Best on Instagram

I am an Earth’s Best blogger and was not compensated for this post, however I am sent products from the company. Full disclosure at the bottom. My new found love in the app world on my iPhone is Instagram. I love it! Then again, I am a person who loves pictures and can't get enough pictures of my little ones! Many of us spend much of our day taking numerous photos of our little ones to share with family and friends; especially during mealtime … [Read more...]

New and Improved Formula for Earth’s Best Sesame Street Oatmeal

Sesame Street Oatmeal

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’ve partnered with Earth’s Best as part of the “Earth’s Best Blogger” program. Throughout the year I’ll be receiving product, coupons, giveaways and promotions. However, no payment was given or expected for posting about the program, and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own. Our little ones love oatmeal for breakfast and I am oh so thankful for that! There are numerous benefits of eating … [Read more...]

In Dire Search of Conditioner

Earth's Best Conditioner

Yes, we are in dire search of conditioner! Being an Earth's Best ambassador, they send us a few products each month to use. A few months ago they included the Tangle Taming Conditioner in the Fruit Punch scent and someone in this family fell in love with this product. Dare I say who? ;) The Conditioner Love Well, you know I have to tell you the story...my husband is the one who fell in love with this product! I know, I can't believe it … [Read more...]

Kitchen Recycling Helps the Planet

Recycling Items from our Kitchen and More

I never realized just how many things can be recycled from the kitchen. Every week we pile up things to be recycled and most of it comes from our kitchen! I've mentioned before that my husband takes our recyclables in every Saturday morning so until then we just collect it in our basement. I am also big on EVERY thing makes a difference and recycling is something I've tried to get better and better at! We recycle cardboard boxes from … [Read more...]

Check Out the New Earth’s Best Veggie Purees!

Earth's Best's New Veggie Purees

We get so excited about new products from Earth's Best! This month, Earth’s Best introduced new Organic Veggie Purees! These tasty purees offer a healthy meal for your baby, rich in Vitamin A, E, C and Zinc. The new Veggie Purees are available in four delicious flavors including Sweet Potato & Beets, Carrots & Broccoli, Pumpkin & Spinach and Squash & Sweet Peas. Adding to Earth’s Best current line of pouch products including … [Read more...]

Are Veggies and Fruits Difficult Foods in Your House?

Sometimes it is easier to clean the entire house than to get my little ones to eat veggies. We don't have much of a problem with fruits, but veggies? It's an issue. When I do have luck in getting them to eat veggies, I take full advantage of it. Last night Addy was loving carrots and peas and she got a tummy full! She just kept eating and eating them and I sure let her! :) Earth’s Best has put together an educational video about starting your … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best Day 3

Welcome to the final edition of Valentine's Day with Earth's Best! I am pledging to make the tradition of giving our little ones HEALTHY treats and hope you'll join me in doing so! Earlier today I featured a great DIY craft to give the little ones for Valentine's Day or to use in classroom parties...with HEALTHY snacks! Today we have another snack that is perfect for giving your little ones this Valentine's Day! It's easier than you think to make … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best Day 2

Earth's Best Sunny Days

Welcome to a second edition of Valentine's Day with Earth's Best! I am pledging to make the tradition of giving our little ones HEALTHY treats and hope you'll join me in doing so! Yesterday I featured one amazing Earth's Best Valentine's treat and today we have another that is perfect for giving your little ones this Valentine's Day! It's easier than you think to make Valentine's Day healthy, and your kids won't even miss the sugary goods with … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Valentine's Banner

Every Valentine's Day there's a ton of candy sold! So many parents buy gifts for their little ones that have sugar/chocolate or other unhealthy snacks. Let's pledge to make this change in tradition and give our little ones HEALTHY treats! Over the next few days I'm going to feature some treats that will be perfect for giving your little ones for Valentine's Day! Children associate Valentine’s Day with one word: candy. Older and wiser, … [Read more...]

Just What You’ve Been Waiting For!!!! Earth’s Best Rewards!

Earth's Best Has Rewards!

As a person who is loyal to specific brands, I love when a company shows ME that I am appreciated as a customer. Rewards programs are a great way to do that and Earth's Best™ is introducing just that! I am so excited about this news, you just don't know! The Earth’s Best™ Rewards program is their way of saying thank you for raising your little one as part of generation pure. I am thrilled that my little ones are part of generation pure and I am … [Read more...]

Celebrate Elmo’s Birthday with Earth’s Best!

Elmo's Birthday

Elmo’s Birthday is February 3rd and Earth’s Best® is celebrating by giving you a chance to enter to WIN a Sesame Place Vacation with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street Friends! If your little one is half the fan that LA is, your family would LOVE this!! Even as adults, my husband and I remember our Sesame Street love days and it's something that everyone can enjoy, no matter the age! As you may already know, Earth’s Best has a strategic … [Read more...]