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Disney on Ice Princesses & Heroes Coming to Detroit!

Disney on Ice Princesses

I'm so excited about this one! Well, I'm always excited about Disney on Ice, but this time Disney on Ice presents Princesses & Heroes!! The show is coming to metro Detroit on October 16-19 and will be at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Hot off the presses, this show now features our beloved characters from FROZEN! My kids are sooooo excited about this! I'm sure everyone will be, so use the code below and get your pre-sale tickets now!! Disney on … [Read more...]

Delta Children’s Book and Toy Organizer is Perfect for Toddlers

Delta Children

Our darling Addy turned two in February and I like to instill good habits in our children from a young age. We've been working with her on cleaning up her own toys and books and it's been a difficult journey because she didn't always want to pick up her things. She's very strong minded and wants what she wants. I knew we needed to look into a toy organizer to help with this task and I was thrilled to learn that Delta Children had a PRINCESS one … [Read more...]

New Trailer Now Available for Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

Cad Spinner

If you remember, when I went to LA last summer for the Monsters University premiere my group also got to be the first group in public to view Planes. I was blown away at how amazing that movie is and how much I truly appreciated the lessons that children can learn from it. So....when I heard they were making a second Planes movie you know I had to be elated!!!  And guess what!? It's finally here...the trailer, that is! Take a look and get excited … [Read more...]

Muppets Most Wanted Activity Sheets

Gonzo's Maze

Muppets Most Wanted is now playing in theaters and you know (from older posts) that I love activity sheets! Here are some super fun activity sheets for you and the kids to enjoy!! (Click on the image to open a full sheet size PDF for easy printing) Muppets Most Wanted Activity … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so many things, including each and every one of you who read my blog! It's a great weekend to see a movie, too! Frozen is now in theaters, make sure you go see it!! ;) “Frozen” hit theaters in 3D on Nov. 27, 2013. For more information, check out Disney.com/Frozen, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your … [Read more...]

Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic Review

Incredibles on Ice

I have been a huge Disney on Ice fan since my now senior in high school was little. I took him to every show that came to the Detroit area and we both loved it! This year I was excited to see the 100 Years of Magic show when it came to Detroit. 100 years!? Wow, Disney sure has been around for a long time and they continue to get better and better! I was concerned with how the little ones would do since they had never made it through an entire … [Read more...]

Disney on Ice at The Palace October 16-20, Metro Detroit (Discount Code)

Disney on Ice Mickey/Minnie

If you weren't the lucky winner of the 4 Disney on Ice tickets, you can still get your tickets with a discount! We all love discounts, right!? And who doesn't love Disney on Ice!? I admit...sometimes I think I love it more than the kids! ;) Join the celebration as more than 60 of Disney’s unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!  You’ll be captivated by the one and only … [Read more...]

Disney’s Frozen Activity Sheets for the Kids (and you!) Now Available!


Who else can't wait to see this movie!? I am so excited about seeing it Thanksgiving weekend and I know our little ones will love it! Here are some Frozen activity sheets you and the kids can keep busy on to pass the time until Frozen arrives in theaters!! ;) Note: Please click on each image to load a full page PDF for better printing and loads of fun! Frozen Activity Sheets       Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio … [Read more...]

Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic – Metro Detroit Giveaway

Disney on Ice is celebrating 100 years of magic and who doesn't want to be a part of this!? Join the celebration as more than 60 of Disney’s unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!  You’ll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and many Disney Princesses.  Be thrilled by exciting moments from … [Read more...]

The New Disney’s Frozen Trailer Now Available! Check It Out! #DisneyFrozen

I recently shared the new Disney Frozen poster with you and told you there would be a new Frozen trailer coming out. Well....the long awaited trailer is now available!! I got my hands on this a few days ago and was beyond excited to watch it and now I am thrilled to share it with you all! Make sure you show the kids, too!  Check it out! This movie looks fabulous, doesn't it!? I'm in love already! <3 More Info about Frozen: OFFICIAL … [Read more...]

Check Out Disney’s Frozen – New Poster and Movie Info #DisneyFrozen

Disney's Frozen

This is one movie I can't wait to see! Disney's Frozen will hit theaters November 27, just in time for the holiday movie season!!! Check out the new movie post below and some info about the movie in case you've not heard of it! There will be a new trailer this next week, too so stay tuned to Mama on a Green Mission to see that! FROZEN (In … [Read more...]

Monsters University is Back in Theaters for Labor Day Weekend! #MonstersU

Monsters U Labor Day Weekend

Monsters University is back in theaters this Labor Day weekend!!!  Perfect timing here in Michigan, school starts Tuesday so it's a fun way to get in one last summer celebration while getting in some "school" too! ;) Check out the new spot for the film below: Just some study tips on Monsters University OFFICIAL BOILERPLATE: Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a … [Read more...]

Disney Home Entertainment Preview and a Giveaway!

DVD Prize Package

I always love to see exciting new things that the people at Disney are working on. The last morning I was in LA back in June, we were given a preview of some amazing things to come! Disney is always hard at work when it comes to entertaining the whole family and we saw just that in these new home entertainment releases! The one thing I was most excited about was The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition! This has always been one of my absolute favorite … [Read more...]

Disney’s Planes and Jamba Juice Soaring the Skies Together with a Giveaway

Jamba Juice promo

In honor of the super cool partnership that has formed between Disney's Planes and Jamba Juice, we are going to do a giveaway for a Jamba Juice gift card! Jamba Juice was kind enough to send me a gift card as well as one to give away! If you've not read my reasons why you should see Planes, please do! My little ones love a Jamba Juice treat on occasion and yours will, too!! Enter to win so you can take the whole family out for a treat! Check out … [Read more...]

Toys for My Airplane Loving Toddler #DisneyPlanesEvent

Disney Planes Toys

I've talked before about how much LA adores airplanes! When I went to the premiere in Los Angeles  I got a sneak peak at the Disney Planes merchandise I was beyond excited! You see, I saw this merchandise in June and LA's birthday is in July so I was planning ahead just what I was going to tell people to get him for his birthday! Smart thinking, huh!? ;) There were so many things I saw that my soon to be three year old would love! This was … [Read more...]

Check Out the New Disney Interactive Planes Video Game and Enter to Win!

Planes Video Games

We love video games in our home. Ok, well...the guys love video games!! We got the Wii system a few years back and have since had lots of family fun, which is why I was super excited to learn that the new Planes video game was exclusive to Nintendo! When I was in LA in June we got to meet the people who worked on developing the game! How fun is that!? It was a fun session with them and seeing the game early was super cool! We were able to see … [Read more...]

Our Interview with El Chu – That’s Who! #DisneyPlanesEvent

El Chu

If you don't know who El Chu is, that means you haven't gone to see Disney's Planes yet. What are you waiting for?!? I'm telling you, once again, this film is amazing!! You and the kids will adore it! When I was in LA for the Monsters University Premiere, one of the days was filled with Planes fun! The absolute funnest interview we did was with Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of El Chu in the movie. Carlos had us laughing almost the entire time! Such … [Read more...]

Planes – Race to the Finish Activity Sheets #DisneyPlanesEvent

Here in Michigan we are still on summer break! There are a few weeks left until all of the kids return to school. With this being the first weekend of the exciting release of Disney's Planes I wanted to share some super cool activity sheets with you! Did you take your kids to see the movie yesterday? If not, check out my reasons why you should! Click on the button below to access Race to the Finish PDF file! Planes really is one of the best … [Read more...]

It’s Here!! It’s Here!! Disney’s Planes is in Theaters Today! #DisneyPlanesEvent

I have to say this is the movie I've been most excited about this year. There are many reasons and some I'll tell you about today to get you just as excited to see Disney's Planes THIS WEEKEND!!!! It's here, it's here!!! Granted, I have already seen the movie during a sneak preview when I was in LA earlier this summer, but that is more reason for you to REALLY listen to me and take the kids to see it this weekend! I really do know what I'm … [Read more...]

An Interview with Teri Hatcher, Dottie in Disney’s Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

Teri Hatcher as Dottie

When I receive the agenda for my trip to LA back in June one of the many things I was thrilled to see was a sit down interview with TERI HATCHER! Teri voices the role of Dottie in the Planes movie and I have been a fan of Teri Hatcher for a very long time! When it was time for the interview we did find out that Teri unfortunately had come down sick with a terrible sinus infection so she was unable to sit down with us...in person. Teri, feeling … [Read more...]

A Sit Down Talk with the Director & Producer of Disney’s Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

Planes Director and Producer

When I was in LA in June I was thrilled to take part in a day full of Disney's Planes. This movie is absolutely amazing and I can't wait for not only my children to see it, but I can't wait for all of you to see it! Part of our day included a sit down interview with Planes Director Klay Hall and Producer Traci Balthazor-Flynn. These two were incredibly friendly and fun to talk with! Interviewing the Director and Producer of … [Read more...]

Living a Dream as a Voice Actress in Disney’s Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

Voice Character in Planes

It's been a dream of my husband's for a long time to see the behind the scenes process of making cartoons. He's often talked about how exciting it would be to do voice work and to really get a hands on experience doing voice work and seeing how it's all put together. When I was in California last month for the Monsters University premiere and the Disney Planes event I was able to experience just what he's been dreaming about forever! If there was … [Read more...]