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Reasons We Love gDiapers

Why we love gDiapers

Cloth diapering has become a big part of my life. I've now been using cloth diapers for just over four years and I've had challenges and I've had many, many successes and much happiness. gDiapers recently sent us some gPants and inserts to help promote their holiday print and they are the sponsor of Santa's Little Helper giveaway event!  Over the years I've often mentioned that gDiapers are one of our favorite brands. We used their newborn … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: Tidy Tots Diapering System #FluffyXMas

Tidy Tots Diapers

After cloth diapering three little ones in a four year time span, I've tried many, many different kinds of diapers. It's been no secret that my favorite kinds of diapers are AIO and AI2 diapers, which is why I was so excited about partnering with Tidy Tots in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event. The Tidy Tots diapering system is an amazing diapering system that is an AI2 diaper. One super awesome thing, first off, is that Tidy Tots comes in READY TO … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls #FluffyXmas

Loohoo Dryer Balls

Can you believe it's been over four years since I started my cloth diapering journey? That's right, four years and three kids later and I can say that I've definitely had the chance to try numerous diapers and accessories. I, of course, have my favorites and that's why I'm thrilled to be partnering with LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! Wool dryer balls are a MUST for this mama, so let me tell you about … [Read more...]

Merry Fluffy Christmas is Here! #BlogHop #ClothDiapers

#FluffyXmas Prize Package

    It's finally here! I've been looking forward to this for weeks! I haven't done any"fluff" related items on the blog lately so this was my chance to get back in touch with it! Merry Fluffy Christmas everyone! Welcome to the greatly anticipated 5th annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event!! There are over 20 blogs that are giving away cloth diapering prize packages $50 and more! Make sure you enter here and … [Read more...]

Loving My Newborn in gDiapers (Giveaway)

gDiapers Package

When I first considered using cloth diapers gDiapers were one of my first choices. I LOVED and still do LOVE the option of using a cloth insert or a disposable insert depending on our needs at the time. We have used both options. These are our go to travel diapers for sure! I had never tried cloth diapering a newborn in gDiapers until Annie was born. I was excited to try their adorable tiny gPants! The kind people at gDiapers sent me a package … [Read more...]

The All New Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 Cloth Diaper (Review/Giveaway)

Funky Flluff on a toddler

A NEW Funky Fluff diaper!? That's right ladies!! The all new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 is here! I was super lucky to be sent one for  review! I have reviewed a Funky Fluff diaper in the past so I was thrilled to check it out and see the differences first hand! What’s new about the Stay Dry 2.0? Slimmer design in the middle of the diaper for ultimate trimness Slightly wider elastics around the back for comfier fit Elimination … [Read more...]

Reusable Cloth Diapers from AppleCheeks: Hip and Adorable!

Applecheeks Logo

If you've been a follower for a while, you know that we started cloth diapering part time when LA was an infant about three and a half years ago. I've mostly loved the journey but have had my moments. Hosting a baby event just couldn't happen here without fluff because in our house, it's a must-have! Courtney and I were so excited to include AppleCheeks in the Winter Wonderland of Babies event! They are incredible reusable cloth diapers by the … [Read more...]

gDiapers are Our Eco Friendly Disposable Diapers & Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Eco Friendly Disposable Diapers

We are a cloth diaper loving family. With that being said, there are times that we have to use disposable diapers. We chose to use eco friendly disposable diapers for many reasons: we care about the Earth and want to leave the least amount of waste possible, we want to prevent chemicals from reaching our baby/toddler's bum, and with Addy's super sensitive skin we really don't have a choice in going with many other diapers. We've selected gDiapers … [Read more...]

Thanks Mama Has Eco-Friendly Gifts for Baby (Giveaway)

Eco-Friendly Gift for Baby

Having little ones around, we are always on the look out for exciting new eco-friendly gifts for baby. This holiday season we are hoping to not only give our own children eco-friendly gifts, but also our nieces and nephews. Thanks Mama is a fabulous store that has some great ideas for eoc-friendly gift giving this holiday season! Eco-Friendly Gifts for Baby from Thanks Mama I partnered with Thanks Mama for a review of the new bumGenius … [Read more...]

gDiapers Just Launched New Designs!

gDiapers gLotus dress and gPants

gDiapers were some of the first cloth diapers I tried and loved. When I first considered cloth, gDiapers were what I had thought about going with 100%. I love their options and their fit. I've been a fan for several years now and when they started launching clothing to match select gPants I was in heaven! We've gotten a few of the dresses with matching gPants for Addy and have loved all of them! I get excited every time I hear they are about to … [Read more...]

SoftBums June Calendar Bums Giveaway

SoftBums Print

I've not done a cloth diaper post/giveaway in a while so when I received an email from SoftBums, I thought it would be fun to throw into the mix! I'm sure you are aware of the fun SoftBums Calendar Bums by now! In anticipation of their most exciting print ever, they are doing something a bit different! They are having a special print reveal blog hop that I am taking part in! The above Miss Kitty print was one of my favorites from SoftBums … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature and Favorite Features

After taking a few weeks off of Friday's Fabulous Fluffy Feature, Bri and I wanted to bring it back with a fun post! Cloth diapering has become a passion of ours because it's not only good for the planet, but it's good for our beloved babies.  There are so many options out there it can be rather confusing if you are just starting out. This week, we share our favorite features and why ... from mamas who have been cloth diapering for more than 2 … [Read more...]

New Baby New Fluff Giveaway Hop #NewFluff

New Baby New Fluff Event Button

It's here! We all love fluff and I'm so excited to be part of the New Baby, New Fluff Giveaway Hop hosted by Coping with Frugality and Eco Baby Mama Drama. In celebration of Amanda's (from Coping with Frugality) new baby boy we are all bringing you fluffy prize packages each with a value of at least $25 So my darling husband has decided to be generous and sponsor this giveaway so I am getting something NICE for one of you! The winner here at … [Read more...]

Smart Bottoms in Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature

Logo for Smart Bottoms

Those of you who have been around know my love for AIOs. It's common knowledge. :) This week I am thrilled to be able to tell you about an AIO with a 100% organic cotton inner! Smart Bottoms has a variety of cloth diaper products including swim diapers, trainers, covers and AIOs. One thing I love is that Smart Bottoms offers an organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the United States! Their prices are reasonable and they offer … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Moraki Cloth Diapers

Moraki Front View

Moraki Cloth Diapers are new to the cloth diapering world. They opened in the summer of 2012 and released an amazing diaper that can be used as either an AI2 or a pocket diaper. Moraki was born from a desire to protect baby and earth and actually is a Greek word that means "baby".  They offer a 30 day Wash and Wear Guarantee and an 18 month Warranty.  The diapers are made by mamas right here in the USA, in California to be exact. This company is … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Chelory


If you've been a follower for a while, you know that although I've developed a love for most type of cloth diapers, I hold a special place in my heart for hook and loop all-in-one diapers. Hands down, they are my favorite. When I recently heard about Chelory's diapers and then saw them, it was over. I knew I NEEDED to try this diaper! Where might the name Chelory come from? As a romantic at heart, I love this story. You see, the founder of … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Flufy Feature with Wool Care and Gro-Via

GroVia Kiwi Pie Line

Although I've been a cloth diapering mama for over two years now (wow, really!? Where has the time gone!?) There are a few things I have never ventured into with cloth diapering and wool is one of them. My friend over at Eco Baby Mama Drama has tried it, but not me! I guess for some reason it scares me. Maybe it's the unknown. I don't know. I've heard it's great for overnights: it keeps babies dry and it's breathable material. What do you know … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Dream Diapers (Giveaway)

Imse Vimse Comparison

When Bri and I started doing Friday's Fabulous Fluffy Feature I was thrilled because I love cloth diapering and I wanted to share with my readers as much as possible about how beneficial it really is. I never imagined how much I would learn about various diapers, too. You see, we've been fortunate enough to feature many different types and brands of cloth diapers as well as many cloth diapering retailers and nothing excites me more than that last … [Read more...]

MFC Sponsor Spotlight – Thirsties (Earn Extra Entries TONIGHT!)

Thirsties Logo

The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in their local economy and sustainable business practices. They select only the best USA-sourced components for their products in order to reduce their carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills as well as their local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. They are … [Read more...]

MFC Sponsor Spotlight – Red Barn Cloth Diapers (Earn Extra Entries TONIGHT!)

Red Barn Cloth Diapers Banner

When we first started cloth diapering all-in-ones were the loves of our diapering days! Those are the only kinds of diapers my husband would use when he used cloth. Today I have expanded his selection, but he and I still love the simple diapers. All-in-ones and all-in-twos are the BEST if you ask us! Red Barn is a brand I have heard about for some time. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this brand and I’m not sure why I didn’t get one … [Read more...]

Merry Fluffy Christmas #ClothDiaper Giveaway Event #FluffyXmas

Merry Fluffy Christmas Package

Welcome to the Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event hosted by: And Then There Were Four. The prize package here at Mama on a Green Mission includes three AMAZING cloth diapers! The winner will receive the following: Thirsties Duo Diaper - choice of color/print Red Barn Nifty Nappy AI2 - choice of print GroVia OS Shell in the Nature Print (Snap Closure) Be sure to come back early in the week to check out my reviews of the … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Itti Bitti (Giveaway!)

Itti Bitti Tutto Inserts

It's Friday!! You know what that means!! It's time for some fluffy fun and this week we get to tell you all about Itti Bitti! Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I were both lucky enough to receive a Bitti Tutto for review. After you read all about how the Bitti Tutto fits my almost nine-month old baby girl, be sure to visit Eco Baby Mama Drama to see how it fits Bri's two-year old son! Itti Bitti is an Australian diaper company that has been … [Read more...]