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Summer Fluffin’ Day 9 – Monkey Doodlez Review and GIVEAWAY sponsored by Green Bebe

What kind of event would Summer Fluffin' be without a swim diaper review? :)  I recently got the opportunity to work with Green Bebe, a unique baby boutique, when they agreed to sponsor our Monkey Doodlez Snap Swim Diaper review and giveaway! Make sure you check out my sponsor spotlight to learn more about this North Aurora, Illinois cloth diaper boutique!  Prior to receiving this diaper, I had never used a swim diaper on LA. He was just born … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 9 – Sponsor Spotlight – Green Bebe

Have you ever heard of Green Bebe? If not, you'll want to listen up! (Even if you have, you can still listen up to learn more about them!) Green Bebe is a family owned "unique baby boutique" located in North Aurora, Illinois. They sell cloth diapers and accessories, as well as eco-friendly bottles and cups! They carry cloth diaper brands such as: Monkey Doodlez, Thirsties, Happy Heinys, Tiny Tush and others.   Green Bebe is owned by Kari and … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 8 – Mix & Match: fitted, prefolds & covers

Welcome to week two of Summer Fluffin'! Wow, time sure is flying and before we know it, Summer Fluffin' will be gone. :( Today we are going to discuss fitteds, prefolds and covers. To be completely honest, I have been dreading the day that I would have to write this post. I have never used prefolds. I have used a fitted a few times and the only covers I have experience with are covers like Best Bottoms and GroVia. So, as you can tell I am not an … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 7 – Blissful Booty Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am a huge fan of AIO diapers. In my opinion, cloth diapering doesn't get any better or easier!When I found out that I could review the Blissful Booty AIO cloth diaper for our Summer Fluffin' event I was really excited because of my love for AIOs! Blissful Booty is a mom owned and family run business. They wanted to offer their customers a collection of eco-friendly products so they not only sell diapers, they also have wipes solution, cloth … [Read more...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have always been a big fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby and I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to review their Booby Tubes. I am a breastfeeding mama, that's no secret. I breastfed my oldest son for 10 months and with LA we are going on 11 months. I love breastfeeding not only for the bond, but also for the health benefits. Earth Mama Angel Baby has some incredible products that can assist in those trying times. They have nipple butter, … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin’ Day 4 – Diapering at Night

As I mentioned the other day during the out and about post, we didn't use cloth at night in the beginning. It terrified me, probably because I read too many stories about people having leak problems. After a few months of cloth diapering, I began thinking more and more about how much I didn't want those chemical filled disposable diapers on my baby, especially at night when he would be in a wet diaper for many hours. I decided we had to make the … [Read more...]

Summer Fluffin Day 2 – Out and about with Fluff

I have to admit (shamefully) that when we first started using cloth diapers, we did not use cloth while out and about or at night. I know, terrible. Not having any prior experience with cloth, we used disposable diapers while out because we just thought it was easier. It didn't take long though for me to adjust to using cloth at home and then I'd say it was only a few months before I started using them while out. We used mostly AIO diapers … [Read more...]

Levana Naturals Review and GIVEAWAY!

There is so much information that I want to include in this review but I am going to try and shorten it so that you aren't reading for 2 hours! This is REALLY worth the read though because this is some GREAT information! I was so happy to find a place like Levana Naturals! First, the owner, Beate, is incredibly sweet and helpful in making sure to educate others on organic clothing. She taught me so much about organic clothing and actually … [Read more...]

Peter Rabbit Organics Review and GIVEAWAY

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small, privately owned company that was started by a group of five people who had a desire to put children's health first. They wanted to create a snack that was healthy and did not contain sugar or salt. They wanted to know that the foods they ate (and their children ate) contained no artificial ingredient but still tasted good. What they came up with became Peter Rabbit Organics, super tasty food that is produced in … [Read more...]

Cloth Diaper Types

When you think of cloth diapers, do you think of the plain foldable diapers that are closed with diaper pins? Those were the diapers of years ago! The cloth diapering world of today has actually become very hip and versatile. There is a type of cloth diaper for pretty much anyone! I want to give a brief description of some of the most common types of cloth diapers on the market today and then explain exactly how you can get started using cloth … [Read more...]

ERGObaby Guest Review and GIVEAWAY on Sweep Tight

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to do a guest review for Sweep Tight for the ERGObaby carrier! I had been wanting one of these carrier for a while and to have the opportunity to write about my thoughts on this carrier was something I was looking very forward to! You all know that I am trying to use organic and natural products as much as possible so you can imagine how much my excitement grew when I received an ORGANIC ERGObaby … [Read more...]

Thirsties Duo diaper review and GIVEAWAY!

If you have never heard of Thirsties Diapers, you are missing a great company and I encourage you to check them out and try their diapers! Thirsties Diapers are 100% made in the United States, many of them by work at home moms! We can all appreciate that as mothers and I applaud this company for supporting WAHMs! When I contacted Thirsties to do a review for them, I was surprised at how quickly I received a response and at how friendly their … [Read more...]

Itti Bitti Review and GIVEAWAY!

Itti Bitti just launched in the US in March! This Australian diaper company has some adorable diapers that I was lucky enough to review.  Itti Bitti started in 2005 and has experienced tremendous growth since. They are currently sold in 25 countries! Itti Bitti sells not only three different types of cloth diapers, but wet bags and cloth wipes as well! The first diaper we reviewed was a blue Bitti Tutto. The Bitti Tutto comes in 18 colors … [Read more...]

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review and GIVEAWAY!

Ella's Kitchen organic baby food is another product I was so excited to review (er have LA review!) :) Ella's organic baby food was created by a dad who promised his little girl that she would only eat the most healthy, wholesome, organic foods. He understands how difficult it is to get our little ones to enjoy eating fruits AND veggies. This company approaches things from a child's point of view. They have created recipes that connect with … [Read more...]

BabyBond review and GIVEAWAY!

As determined as I was to nurse my baby, I made sure to get what I believed to be the "essential" nursing products while I was pregnant. I got two nursing covers, I figured I would keep one at home in case we got company and I needed one and I'd keep the other in the diaper bag for outings. Eight months after giving birth, I can count on one hand how many times I used those nursing covers. They are the covers that go around my neck and over baby … [Read more...]

Eight months have passed…

Wow, I can hardly believe how fast this year is going. My sweet little baby is eight months old already! My birthday in 2010 was one of the best days of my life because I gave birth to you! You have since given me more smiles and moments of joy than I can even count! You have accomplished so much this month my little sugar bear. You are becoming quite the little eater! You learned how to crawl, and you are all over! LA, you are a BUSY little boy! … [Read more...]

Mama Little Helper Review and GIVEAWAY! **CLOSED**

 I was sent the baby green organic cloth diaper with Bamboo insert to review. It is a one size diaper so it will fit from approximately 7-30 pounds! It comes in some very pretty colors.I love the color that I was sent for LA to try and I also love that this diaper is made of 98% Bamboo and only 2% Microfiber! I have become a big fan of Bamboo and this diaper has lots of it! Bamboo has higher absorbant levels too, great for cloth diapers!  Bamboo … [Read more...]

Best Bottoms Review and GIVEAWAY! **CLOSED**

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Best Bottoms one size diaper system. Best Bottoms was created by Nicki, the owner of Nicki's Diapers. She created Best Bottoms by combining the pros of all the different diaper types and eliminated the cons. The Best Bottoms diapering system is not in one of the main diaper classes: it’s not a pocket diaper, not an all in one, not a fitted and not a prefold. It is a diaper that is simplified and … [Read more...]

Northern Essence – Review and GIVEAWAY!

I posted a while back about LA having eczema and one of my wonderful readers suggested I try Northern Essence products. I immediately looked into it and it sounded like they had some great natural products so I contacted them to see if they would be interested in letting me review their products. Traci, the owner was incredibly sweet and sent me a few items to review. Traci is a WAHM, and mother of five children! :) The most popular products at … [Read more...]

Seven months and counting…

 My sweet LA, I cannot even believe I am writing your seven month letter already! I know I just said that at six months, but really? Another month already? Wow. Time is flying and you are changing and doing so many new things! You are SO close to crawling! You get up on all fours and rock back and forth and even move sometimes but you just haven't been able to coordinate all four yet to really crawl! I know it won't be long! You still have the … [Read more...]

Moon Dog Farm Nursing Necklace Review & GIVEAWAY!

I first came across the Moon Dog Farm nursing necklaces in a search I did on Etsy. Anyone who is or has nursed an infant around 4+ months knows how easily distracted they can be. Nursing necklaces give your little one something to look at, feel, and play with while nursing. They can also be of great help to us mamas who have a baby who stays latched on and turns his head when he hears something! OUCH! J When I first looked around the Moon Dog … [Read more...]