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Jars or Pouches – What Do You Serve?

Baby food. It's something many of us feed our babies. When it  gets to be the right time, how do you make the choice of just what first foods your little one will have? And besides the choices of WHAT they will have, you also have to look into WHO will make the foods and whether you'll chose jars or pouches. Yes, there really are so many choices when it comes to feeding baby! No worries though, they can be simple choices with Earth's … [Read more...]

A DIY Craft for St Patrick’s Day Decor

DIY St Patricks Day Supplies

I think it's been expressed in the past month or so that I love crafts. They make me happy. I love being creative and just letting it flow. I decided we needed some St Patrick's Day decor around here. I mean, I am part Irish so I definitely should celebrate, right?! lol I love being festive and decorating for every holiday, but in the past few years we've not done much of this. Here's to changing that this year! I picked up the needed … [Read more...]

Last Minute Party? Easy Valentine’s Day Party Favors #DIY

Valentine's Day Party Favors

Although we don't have school parties just yet here with the little ones, I wanted to make something special for them. It's for our own party! ;) I realize they are tiny, but I love being crafty! I made little favor jars with some of their favorite HEALTHY treats inside since my goal is to cut out any sweets this Valentine's and gift just healthy snacks! The supplies were simple and things we had around the house: Earth's Best baby food … [Read more...]

Questions You’ve Asked About Earth’s Best

Earth's Best Jars and Pouches BPA Free Recyclable

I love being a part of the Earth's Best blogging team and learning more and more about them with each post. I've been asked by some of you questions about recycling and BPA when it comes to the Earth's Best jars and pouches. I love it when you have interest and ask questions if I don't know the answers, I'll do my best to find out for you! I wasn't 100% sure about some of the answers to your questions regarding recycling and BPA so I … [Read more...]

Organize with Baby Food Jars!

Organize with Baby Food Jars

I love sharing with you how we reuse our baby food jars and I just found another use for them! Our cabinets in our bathroom have been very unorganized and things easily fall out when we open them. I HAD to find a solution and baby food jars from Addy's Earth's Best food came to the rescue! Take a look at our before and after: See how much better it looks after cleaning up just one corner?! I will definitely be adding more of these for … [Read more...]

Jars vs Pouches – Which is the Better Choice for Your Family?

This month we've talked about both Earth’s Best pouches and jarred products…so which do you choose? Each use both in our family for both our baby and our toddler. We believe there is a time and a place for both and you don’t have to make a choice to just enjoy one or the other. Each has their own benefits and the chart below will help you make better informed decisions!   Do you find your family using both also? Do you prefer one to … [Read more...]

Baby Food Jars – DIY Votive Holder

Baby Food Jar Candle

A few weeks ago I asked for ideas on my Facebook page about what to do with baby food jars since I want to use them and not throw them away. Kaylyn and Shanee' both suggested using them as votive holders around the house! I did just that! Thanks for the great idea, ladies! Here's what I did: All I needed was a votive candle, an empty Earth's Best baby food jar and an old beaded necklace that I no longer wear. And wha-la! See what it … [Read more...]

Baby Food Jar Lids – DIY Memory Game

Memory Game Supplies

I love finding new ways to reuse our baby food jars and lids. I recently did this super simple Memory Game for our little guy and wanted to share the details with you! Supplies needed: Number/Letter stickers Baby Food Jar Lids Construction/Color Paper Scissors Tape Here were the supplies we needed. We went with only 10 lids as we were only doing numbers 1-5. You can see we used the lids from our Earth's Best 1st Stage Baby Foods … [Read more...]