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Keeping the Kids Active in Winter at Goldfish Swim School

Living in Michigan can create an issue when trying to keep the kids active in the winter time. Personally, I’d prefer to just hibernate by the fire all winter by we know that’s not realistic. The kids love playing outside and riding their bikes and scooters all summer long but when winter comes it’s hard to keep them active. They are still young and haven’t gotten involved in school sports yet so we love that Goldfish Swim School will help keep the kids active during winter!

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This post is done in partnership with Goldfish Swim School. We thank them for working with us and want to let you know that all opinions are our own and are not influenced in any way.

Keeping the Kids Active in Winter

Keeping kids physically active is so important. In today’s world it’s easy for them to sit in front of a video game, television or tablet for hours without realizing it. We try to make sure the kids are physically active for at least 30 minutes every day. Some times we only get in 5-6 days a week but it’s something we want to instill in them. Their weekly swim lesson takes care of one of those days of physical activity. The lessons are each thirty minutes and the kids don’t even realize they are exercising because they are enjoying it so much!

When it’s five degrees outside I know it can be tough to get everyone ready to go to the pool. Make it a priority. Know your kids will love it, they’ll love getting out of the house (even though you may not!) and it will be beneficial for them in so many ways!

The great thing about Goldfish Swim School is that they not only have the child’s 30 minutes lesson each week, they also offer something called Family Swim. It’s the perfect way to spend time together in the winter and remember, the pool areas are always 90 degrees at Goldfish Swim School! It’s the perfect tropical get away while staying close to home! Family swim is another great way to keep the kids active during the winter months. They’ll be having fun and again, not realizing they are getting in some exercise. Also, they’ll love having mom and dad in the pool with them to show you what they’ve learned in lessons and it gives them some great practice.

Swimming – A Great Winter Activity to Keep the Kids Active!



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