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5 Things You Need to Successfully Feed Your Infant



Being a mom can be difficult. A first time mom? It can be stressful. It’s also one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. I’ll never forget becoming a mom for the first time. It changed my world in a way I could have never imagined. This tiny little baby depended on me to give him everything he needed and I wanted to give him the world. Every parent has dreams of how parenting will be, what they plan to do and how it should work out. As a mom of five, I’m here to tell you the plans you imagine before your child is born may not always happen but it will be okay! Today I wanted to share with you my experience and how you can successfully feed your infant.

Baby Feet

When I was pregnant for the first time I was determined to breastfeed my baby. I made it exclusively for 10 months and then because of a change in work to full time and being uneducated about all of it I didn’t keep it up. I ended up giving him formula until he turned one. With my second I was determined again to breastfeed for a year. I made it to that one year mark exactly. I nursed him for the last time the night he turned one. I nursed our first daughter for 18 months and then came baby number 4. Every child is different they say, and they are right! Annie was in the hospital for a bit and I ended up having to supplement formula until my milk came in.


Our last, baby number 5, I nursed exclusively for 9 months. My supply dipped and I didn’t get enough when pumping at work to provide for him when I was at work. Now I breastfeed him morning and evening and supplement with Happy Baby Stage 2 Organic Infant formula on the days he goes to daycare or at times when daddy is at home with him and I’m not.

As a mom who has a lot of experience I’m here to tell you that as long as your baby is fed, you’re doing a great job! When preparing for baby there’s so many items to consider. How do you now what’s truly needed? I’m going to simplify this as much as possible for you and tell you what five items I believe are must have items when baby arrives!

5 Things You Need to Successfully Feed Your Infant


*Bottles* Whether you plan on breastfeeding or giving your baby formula one thing you will want to have on hand is bottles. If breastfeeding you’ll only need 3-5 bottles unless you are going back to work. If going back to work I suggest 6 bottles to pump milk into and 4 bottles to take to your child care provider. If formula feeding exclusively I would recommend 10-15 bottles daily so you’ll base the total on how often you want to wash them.

*Breast Pump* Again, whether you plan on breastfeeding or giving your baby formula this is something you’ll want to have on hand. If you aren’t working outside of the home you’ll still want to pump and have a bit of a supply at home in case you need to go to doctors appointments or get out for a grocery store trip or a date night! Obviously if you are working outside of the home this will be needed much more as you’ll be pu,ping daily 2-3 times while at work. 

*Breast Milk Storage Bags* This is again something you’ll need whether you plan on breastfeeding or giving your baby formula. To get a bit of a freezer supply you’ll need storage bags to freeze your milk. If you are staying at home with baby I’d recommend starting with one pack of 50 storage bags. If you are returning to work I’d recommend stocking up a bit on these and having 2-3 on hand before baby is born as you’ll need a lot of them!

*Nipple Cream* This is important mainly if you plan to breastfeed. Nipple cream with help with any issues that may arise with soreness and is completely safe for baby. As a first time nurser you may very well have some soreness.


*Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula* Even if you plan on breastfeeding 100% of the time having Happy Baby Organic baby formula on hand is a good idea. You never know when you might need some. Something might arise that you have to leave baby with someone and have no milk pumped, your supply may tank and you might end up with a very fussy baby. Regardless of the reason, having some on hand with save you from more stress.

HappyBaby Organic Infant Formula

We chose Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula because it’s modeled after breast milk and it’s organic. Happy Baby is a company we’ve come to trust as we’ve used their snacks and baby foods with our other children. We knew it was the right choice for us this time when we needed to supplement.


In addition to offering a great formula choice for your baby, Happy Family’s Infant Feeding Resource Center shows how much they care. It offers new parents direct and free access to Cornell-Certified nutritionists and lactation consultants, the Happy Mama Milk Mentors, as well as educational materials on a variety of feeding topics.

What’s most important is that you feed your baby, not how you feed your baby. There are many people who may judge but only you know what the right choice is for your baby and your family.


I hope this post on 5 Things You Need to Successfully Feed Your Infant has been helpful to you! Best of luck with your new little one and congratulations!



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