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Why We Choose Year Round Swimming Lessons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I assure you, I’ll still here! <3 We’ve been dealing with a lot of family things lately and of course, school prep is no joke. When your kids go back to school that’s one thing. When your husband goes back, too? That’s mass chaos. lol I’m joking but it does make for a busier time and a major schedule change in our house. I, for one, am thrilled to be back on somewhat of a schedule. There are some things we can’t control with my father-in-law’s health but we are back into the swing of things as much as we can be. One thing that was consistent over the summer and will continue into the fall is swimming lessons for the kids. I am a strong believer in having our kids know how to swim so swimming lessons are continuing to be a part of our schedule. I thought I’d talk today about why we choose year round swimming lessons for our children despite the changing seasons.

Excited about Swimming

Our children (like many others) thrive on consistency. This is the number one reason we keep them in lessons year round. It’s consistent. Swimming lessons are something they look forward to. They know what day they go every week and many weeks even have a countdown! This isn’t something new every summer that they have to adjust to. There isn’t a new teacher every time. It’s a regularly scheduled event on our family calendar that they are familiar with. 


Another reason we love year round swimming lessons is because there’s very little chance of having a set back because they’ve forgotten what they learned. They only go one week between each lesson. It’s easy for them to build on what they learned the week before or continue working on perfecting a skill. We find they are able to learn quicker with year round swimming lessons.


We have four children in lessons, including an infant and a toddler. They are sponges at these ages and I want them to be in lessons weekly so they can soak up as much as possible! I want them to grow up being in the water regularly. Fear of water as they grow older shouldn’t be an issue. When we started Annie in lessons she was terrified of the water. She’s come around full circle and is thriving. I watch her now and get tears in my eyes thinking of how far she’s come. I fear that taking her out of lessons after the summer and waiting til spring or summer next year would be detrimental to her success.

Our children attend Goldfish Swim School and we know they have us covered no matter what the weather is outside. The fall, winter and spring here in Michigan can be pretty unpredictable. We do know for sure Goldfish Swim School has a shiver-free pool heated to 90 degrees ready for our kids every week! If you worry about the kids going outside in the cold with wet hair, Goldfish Swim Schools provide hair dryers to make sure your kids are going outside with a dry head! Goldfish Swim Schools make it easy to continue lessons in all seasons and are very flexible when it comes to scheduling classes. If your fall schedule is different than your summer schedule it’s super easy to change your kids’ lessons to another day.

Overall we’ve been thrilled with Goldfish Swim School no matter what time of year. They are consistently amazing and our kids always love the time they spend there. We’ve had to miss a few times recently due to family circumstances and they are always sad when we tell them we can’t go. It’s truly a place our whole family loves.

Check out the Goldfish Swim School website for more reasons on why perpetual swim lessons are best.

We love Goldfish Swim School for year round swimming lessons and we know you will, too! 





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