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One on One with Our Golden Swim Instructor

Sometimes you just come across someone that exudes a golden personality. They seem to brighten the room (or pool) with just their presence. Miss Vanessa is the swim instructor of both Anthony (7) and Addy (5) and she exudes this personality. When Addy was moved up a few months back she joined her big brother in the same class. They have both become pretty fond of Miss Vanessa in their time with her at Goldfish Swim School. We all know that what we see in an instructor is a small part of who they are. I recently sat down with Vanessa to get to know her better and to give you the details of yet another reason Goldfish Swim School is golden, their instructors!

Swimming Instructor

Name: Vanessa
Position: swim teacher

How long have you been teaching at GSS?  4 months, quite new but I love it here

How did you get involved with GSS?

I’m a swimmer for clarkston (high school) and I love to swim. I needed a new job and heard of GSS and I was like “well I love swim and it would be totally cool to teach kids how to enjoy my passion as well”, this just came up and it’s awesome!

What other activities do you do besides swimming?

I do a lot of community service work, I also do volleyball which is awesome, I love doing that. I do a lot of homework, I’m a junior so school takes up most of my life. That’s about it besides hanging out with friends and doing things with my family.

What is your favorite thing about teaching swimming?

I enjoy helping kids accomplish their goals because their faces just light up when they get something they’ve been working on for so long and when they get that privilege to move up to the next level it’s awesome to see their faces and their parents are so proud of them.

What is your least favorite thing about teaching swimming:

Least favorite is probably the end of lessons when I have to talk to the parents about one thing the kids can work on because a lot of the kids are good at everything, it’s just nit picky. It’s hard to tell because the kid is right there and they don’t want to hear what they need to work on, you know?

How many classes do you teach?

I work from 3:30-7:30 and each class is a half hour so quite a few.

What is the easiest skill for students to pick up on?

Easiest would probably be windmills, which is free style. It’s just the most basic stroke they just have to move their arms in circles and kick.


Dolphin kick, which is like butterfly stroke. It’s the worst stroke for us as swimmers, it’s a hard stroke to get down because you’ve gotta move like a mermaid, your arm has to come out of the water to help pull you, it’s just exhausting. That’s the hardest for the kids.

What is your advice to parents just coming in?

Always push your kids to somehow practice at home what they can do whether that’s holding their breath at home and seeing how long they can hold their breath or doing body rolls in mirror to help them get down the form of dolphin kick for the butterfly or even just moving their arms in some way to just practice because that’s how they’re going to move up.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m going to be in college still. I’m going to get my doctorate degree. School is definitely on my radar right now. I don’t want to get married right away because I want to make sure I have a profession before I get into all of that but I definitely want kids some day.

Do you plan on swimming at the college level?

I don’t think so. When I go to college I want to have the college experience and as a college athlete that’s all you do. Maybe a rec league. 
Swimming Lessons
She’s great, isn’t she? She’s been working with LA and Addy for several months now and they just adore her. Goldfish Swim School really does put a lot into hiring the best instructors they can find and it shows. If you haven’t enrolled your kids yet, I highly recommend it! Visit The Goldfish Swim School website for more details!

What do you love about your Goldfish Swim School instructor?

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