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Easy Ways to Save Time #NeverRunOut

Our family’s schedule completely changes during the summer. With my husband being off of work during the summer we no longer have to send some kids off to daycare some off to school and rush to work ourselves. Summer camps and leagues begin and time seem to be something we have little of. As much as I love my family and being a mom sometimes I just wish I had 10 minutes to sit and hear the quiet. That’s what refreshes me. I’ve figured out easy ways to save time here and there to get that needed break and thought it would be fun to share!

Easy Ways to Save Time

  1. Let the kids help! Whether it’s bringing in groceries or wiping down appliances or doing meal or snack prep, chances are there’s something your little ones can do. It won’t only save you a few minutes but it will also give you some quality time with them and teach them to help! Grocery Pick Up
  2. Grocery pickup has saved many days around here. There are so many things that grocery pickup resolves and a major one of those things is the lack of time! We no longer have to go to the grocery store with 4 kids in tote! We can order groceries after the kids go to bed and schedule a time to pick them up! Our local Walmart recently started doing this and it’s something that those of us with kids can’t get enough of! Check to see if they have it in your area you’ll soon begin to wonder what you ever did without it! It’s free at Walmart and saves so much time!
  3. Prepare snacks ahead of time. This is an easy way to get 10 minutes of mom time each day. If you prep individual bags of snacks or even do any of the prep work for snacks when you get home from picking up groceries you can quickly grab the snacks and sit down to rest/relax while the kids are eating their snacks.
  4. Keep sports/practice items all together in a bag in one place. We know the kids have swimming lessons once a week so we always keep the swimming bag in the laundry room so we can easily wash the bathing suits and put them back in the bag to be ready for next week. We keep all items in the bag ready to go: goggles, swim caps, swim suits and towels. When swimming time comes we grab the bag and there’s no searching for items here and there and risking being late.Cottonelle is 4 in 1!
  5. Use the Cottonelle Mega Roll in ALL bathrooms! We have 3 bathrooms and changing rolls takes time. Yes, I went there. I always seem to be the one changing the roll in our house because everyone else conveniently forgets to when it’s low or when they use the last of it. If I have to change rolls everyday it takes up time I’d rather be using to relax.Cottonelle_SaveCottonelle’s Mega Roll has the same amount of tissue as FOUR REGULAR ROLLS! That’s three fewer times I have to change the roll!


In addition to saving time with Walmart’s grocery pickup and Cottonelle Mega Rolls, I’m also saving money! Do you use Ibotta? If not, you need to! It’s easy to get money back on items you purchase regularly! Right now you can get $0.50 back on Cottonelle at Walmart AND there’s a $0.50 bonus on Ibotta for a total of $1.00 back! Don’t miss this deal!

What are your favorite easy ways to save time each day?



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  1. I know how you feel. I have 3 bathrooms that I need to check daily – just to see if any of them ran out of TP!

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