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What Kids Really Think About Goldfish Swim School

Kids say just about anything. Mine do anyway. Sometimes they are so funny. The also say very honest things. They will tell you how it is and not mean to be rude (if they are). I often laugh at the things my kids say. It’s very entertaining. My five year old, Addy, talks and talks and talks. I don’t think the girl knows how to stop sometimes. I thought she would be the perfect one to ask about her experience at Goldfish Swim School. She’s normally pretty entertaining and here are some things she’s told me (in the past) about various topics that have become fond memories:

“My husband is going to have a lot of money. When I’m big I’m going to husband world to get him.” I chuckled and had to ask where husband world is. “It’s in Mars.”

For quite a while this girl asked me daily how old I am. Her guess was always in the 90s. No matter how many times I told her my real age she still guessed 90 something. One day she said “I just can’t remember there’s so much in my brain. I have chocolate in my brain.” Definitely MY child. lol

I was driving the kids to daycare one morning and they were excited about going outside to play. Since I had checked the weather earlier I told them it was supposed to rain that day. Addy said, “No, there aren’t any rain clouds.” I didn’t want her to be disappointed if she couldn’t go outside so I told her the whole sky was grey and the forecast said there was a chance for rain. She said, “No, I see a blue and white sky coming!” Shortly after I got to work I looked outside and the grey skies were clearing to reveal blue skies and white puffy clouds. She reminded me that day that no matter how grey the sky might look, refuse to see anything but the good that’s coming!

This post about what kids really think about Goldfish Swim School is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.


This little girl is amazing. She’s my first daughter and I love having discussions with her. Talking about Goldfish Swim School was no different. I told her I was going to interview her and after a brief discussion about what an interview is we had this talk:

How long have you been in lessons at Goldfish Swim School?

1,000 days.  (it’s really been about 180 days!)

What is your favorite part of swimming lessons?

The rocket. The teacher puts you down in the water and blasts you all the way up into space.

Who is your teacher and do you like her?

Miss Vanessa. Yes, I like her a lot. I like her name, too.

Tell me about Goldfish Swim School.

Goldfish Swim School has ribbons and we use to play rings but not any more. I try to go under the water and go to different levels. We have a board that’s like the size of the pillow on our couch and we hold it in the water and we put our eyes under the water. Sometimes I do back floats. They have toys there, they have turtles there AND SNACKS!  Pretty much they have everything. 

What do you want other kids to know about Goldfish Swim School?

I would tell Xavier (her friend) what he is going to learn there. I would tell him it’s the best place to go and the water is super warm and fun. You get surprises there and when you go in it’s going to be pretty cool.

Do you know how to swim by yourself?


Were you ever afraid of the water?


Do you think most kids are scared?

Uh huh.

What would you tell those kids who are afraid?

I would say, “Are you scared to swim? I will ask the teacher if I can swim with you.”

What else do you want to learn in swimming lessons?

I want to do rings again.

If you could dress up as a cartoon character for swimming, who would you be?

The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast).


Although she didn’t say anything incredibly funny this time, I think it’s obvious how much she likes Goldfish Swim School. Every kid I’ve encountered at Goldfish Swim School loves it. Everyone seems happy to be there (except those few here and there who are afraid to go into the pool in the beginning of their lessons). The staff is amazing. The environment is cheerful. Ninety degrees is pretty awesome, too. So if you’re wondering what kids really think about Goldfish Swim School, they LOVE it. It’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Schedule your summer classes, now!



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