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Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley – Easy and Fresh with Busch’s!

Typically you’ll find me doing my weekly grocery shopping on weekends. My husband is off of work and it gives this mama a bit of alone time. It’s funny how we enjoy errands like the grocery store when we have little ones, isn’t it!? Last week I purposely waited until Wednesday to do my shopping because I knew the soft opening for the Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Canton was being held. We love supporting local Michigan businesses and Busch’s is a fun place to shop!
Busch's Fresh Food Market Canton

Busch’s Fresh Food Market

Busch’s Fresh Food Market has a wide variety of locally sourced products. I enjoy walking around their markets and seeing the products they offer. They always seem to make every section of the store look incredibly clean and beautiful!

Gelato Bar

When I went to the soft opening of the Canton location last week I had to stop by the Juice and Gelato Bar. Oh my goodness is their gelato amazing! If it wasn’t so late when I went I would have bought some! I did sample a few flavors though and it’s delicious. Instead of buying the gelato, I opted for a Strawberry Banana juice to drink as I was shopping. Again, delicious!

The deli at Busch’s Fresh Food Market is full of Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses. I picked up a pound of the Boar’s Head Bold Ichiban Teriyaki Style Chicken Breast and it was gone within 2 days. Everyone in our house loves it!

Busch's Meat Counter
My husband and I have always preferred buying our meats from a meat counter in the store rather than picking up the prepackaged meats. To us, it just looks so fresh and we can customize the amount we get. Busch’s meat counter didn’t disappoint. It’s beautiful and has a wonderful selection of our favorites!


The aisles are spotless, wide and shelve plenty of goodness! (I was glad I went late at night so I could get some great store shots to share with you without lots of people there! Some of the employees were telling me how busy the day had been!)

One shot I didn’t get was of the Busch’s Market produce section. I did a Facebook Live video that you have to check out to see how beautiful the produce section is! It’s full of local and organic options! Their beautiful selection of veggies convinced me I had to make a veggie recipe! I decided on a favorite of my husband’s: my Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley!

Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley

Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley

When I was doing my shopping at Busch’s Fresh Food Market I picked up the ingredients:

1 Summer Squash
1 Head of Broccoli or several stems of Broccoli
1 Cup Sliced Mushrooms
2-3 Cup Chopped Asparagus
1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic
½ Cup Butter, Coconut Oil or Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley Instructions

I put together a video of this recipe so you can see just how easy and fresh it is! Take a look:

It’s truly an easy and fresh recipe straight out of the produce section at Busch’s Fresh Food Market!


All you have to do is chop up your veggies and then top with your minced garlic and butter or coconut oil. Cover and cook on low-medium heat for about 15 minutes. You can also cook on medium-high for 10 minutes, it all depends on how done you like your veggies. Stir contents every few minutes so it doesn’t burn. Add some salt and pepper, cover and let cook between stirring.

Vegetable Medley

Let cool and enjoy! Looks delicious, doesn’t it?!

The new Canton grocery location of Busch’s Fresh Food Market is something you don’t want to miss! Busch’s Market is beautiful and full of local Michigan items! The produce section is award winning, I’m telling you!! You can also sign up for Busch’s MyWay for a chance to win free groceries!! Can it get any better?!?

Roasted Garlic Vegetable Medley

What do you love most about Busch’s Fresh Food Markets? Have you visited the new Canton location yet?




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