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Transitioning Classes at Goldfish Swim School

“Three kids in swimming lessons, it must be rough when one transitions to a new class!” Someone actually said that to me recently when we were discussing swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School. I can see where they might think that. Coordinating classes for three little ones could be a nightmare at the wrong school. Changing classes, even with one child, may seen a bit nerve wrecking to many. That’s why today I thought I would discuss our experience in transitioning classes at Goldfish Swim School.

In the four months that our three children have been enrolled we have been through transitioning classes at Goldfish Swim School about five times. That may seem like a lot when you haven’t had the golden experience we have. To us, each transition has been seamless. There have been a few times when we’ve had to change the time that we go for lessons. Until recently it was always the same day. The Goldfish Swim School employees work their magic in making it as easy as possible on the parents.

Transitioning Classes at Goldfish Swim School

Swimming Lessons at Goldfish Swim School

The employees look at their schedule of classes and always seem to get our children in classes at either the same time (and we were talking about three different classes until this week!) or within the same hour. Either way, it’s always worked out great for us. This week we did change the day of our classes because Addy moved into the same class as big brother and there weren’t enough spots for her in his class. We simply moved our classes to the following day and all three kids can go at the same time again! They were in the process of hiring a new swim teacher so before we even went this week (on our new day) we were given the option of moving back to our regular day. We chose not to for now. That’s literally all there was to it. A simple schedule adjustment and as a parent with three kids in classes, I’m more than satisfied with how our times have been handled.

Transitioning Challenges

Transitioning Classes at Goldfish Swim School

Well, if I can even call them that, we’ve had two challenges. The first major change for us was having Annie transition from the class where daddy was in the water with her to a class where she was more independent. To be honest, I think it was only a challenge because it was our baby girl. SHE did great. I think my husband was the one most worried. Annie is a daddy’s girl and he knew where she struggled in class because he was RIGHT there with her. Luckily, the instructors were also right there and they noticed when it was time for her to move up to a new class. Although they did notice, they were great about letting us be part of the decision. At that level it truly is a parent and instructor decision.

Another challenge we have been dealing with during her swimming lessons and transitioning to the newer level is her comfort level. She loves the water, but for some reason she’s NOT comfortable laying on her back. This will prevent her from progressing as she’s not interested in doing the back float. The instructors, as always, are great with handling her in this situation. They work with her to get her comfortable and even give us suggestions on what we can do at home to help her get more comfortable. This week they suggested we get the stars to hang on the ceiling in the bathroom and work with her to float in the bathtub. If there are concerns you have about transitioning your child to another level speak with the instructors. It may not be something that is required for them to know/do on their current level and may be something that they will continue to work on in their next class.

Siblings in the Same Class?

The other challenge we dealt with was transitioning our 5 year old into the same class as her 6 year old brother. These two are best friends 95% of the time. They goof around a lot at home and laugh and play together all of the time. I was worried they were going to goof around in class. My husband and I both talked with them about how important it is that they not do this. Swimming lessons, although they are fun, is not a time to mess around. This week was the first class with them together and they proved that this truly was not a challenge, again something we parents made a challenge in our minds. 😉

Get Rewarded!

Goldfish Rewards

Transitioning into a new class is something the kids get excited about! They get a ribbon to display their accomplishment and the front desk gives them a sucker to enjoy. The kids love the recognition and the rewards! They show their ribbons off to everyone for about a week and then display them in their rooms.

Overall, transitioning classes at Goldfish Swim School has proven to NOT be a challenge. The staff accommodates our scheduling requests and finds the best time that works for everyone involved. As for the children and their readiness? There is no worry there either. These instructors are very professional and know just when to transition a child to a new level. The children adjust like there’s no change whatsoever. It’s an easy transition. One that, as the mom of three in lessons, I don’t mind at all and that speaks volumes!

What about transitioning classes would concern you? I’m happy to answer questions if you have any!


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