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NEW! Organic Whole Milk Smoothies from Stonyfield

Being part of the Stonyfield blogging team has been one of my favorite things about blogging. I’m proud to be a part of this team of amazing people. I love introducing you to new, amazing products from Stonyfield. I believe in this company and their ways so sharing their stuff is always enjoyable! Their newest products are organic whole milk smoothies that are DE-LI-CIOUS! They recently sent some right to our door for my family to experience so we could tell you all about them!

Organic Whole Milk Smoothies

Organic Whole Milk Smoothies from Stonyfield

These organic whole milk smoothies from Stonyfield are amazing! The kids love them. I love them. They come in the perfect 6 ounce size to grab on my way out the door. The kids love them for a quick, easy snack when they get home from school and daycare. They come in 4 packs and are available in both Strawberry and Peach flavors. My kids absolutely love strawberry flavored anything so I knew this would be their favorite between the two flavors!

Strawberry Whole Milk Smoothie

These organic whole milk smoothies work great as an after school snack for my little ones! The smoothies keep them going until I have time to get dinner prepared. Usually our evenings are very busy. I only work a few days outside of the home during the week but those evenings that are school nights are tough. We get home and immediately everyone is hungry.


I pull out my favorite solution to that problem: these new organic whole milk smoothies! I get their drinks open and give them a fun straw. Then I start them on homework or some type of project and I get dinner started. It makes my evening go a bit smoother and they love getting their yogurt smoothie treats! It’s a win-win! The only problem is when they ask for a second one. 😉

What healthy snacks/treats do you love giving to your kids? Have you tried Stonyfield’s organic whole milk smoothies?




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