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Is My Child Ready for Swimming Lessons?

This is a question I found myself asking for far too long. I always knew I wanted my children to learn to swim. I love being in water and swimming so of course I want them to experience this love but my main reason was something else. Simply put, it was for their safety. I want my children to be able to survive if a moment ever arises that they fall into a pool or any body of water. We live around a lot of lakes and in the summer time most people are enjoying water sports. I want them to have the skills needed to escape any incident unharmed. How do you know when your child is ready for lessons though? That’s a big decision. What do you, as a parent, need to do to prepare them for lessons? If you find yourself asking “is my child ready for swimming lessons?” please read on.

Is My Child Ready for Swimming Lessons?

Is my child ready for swim lessons?

As a parent, you know your child best. With that being said, Goldfish Swim School will start swimming lessons for any child 4 months of age or older. There are various infant swimming classes available for those between 4 and 35 months. In the earlier months parent participation is required. This not only provides a great bonding experience for you and your child but also puts your mind at ease. With it being a new venture you’ll be right there in the pool with your child until both of you are comfortable. In fact, Annie, our soon to be three year old just advanced to her first class without daddy in the pool this past week! Daddy and I were a bit worried at how she would do alone but she did amazing and had a blast!

Have fun Swimming

Preparing for Swim Lessons

After experiencing lessons at Goldfish Swim School and having the opportunity to see how their instructors work so well with the kids I recommend starting the lessons at an early age. I wish I would have started each of my children when they were 4 months old. Remember, infants are accustomed to being in water so the earlier you start them the more comfortable they will be. Starting early may also prevent any chance of creating a fear of water and therefore the child being reluctant of getting in the pool for lessons later on. As with most things in life our children look to and learn from us. If we show a fear of water they will sense it. Make it as fun as possible for them no matter what their age is. You can check out this article from Goldfish Swim School on Ways to Prepare Your Child for Swimming Lessons to get some additional tips.

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If you are enrolling an infant please know that GSS will make it as easy as possible on you. They have changing rooms (some bigger for a few people if you have multiple children in lessons like I do), they even have changing tables and Bumbo seats available for your use with your infant.

There are things that all kids should know how to do in the water. Lessons are vital and something that will last a lifetime. It’s never too late to start but always remember the earlier, the better! Goldfish Swim School works with children from 4 months of age all the way up to 12 years of age.

When you ask yourself, “Is my child ready for swimming lessons?” do you have any other concerns I didn’t address? Comment below and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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  1. I say the earlier the better. I had to bury my niece at 17 months. I didn’t realize children could learn to swim that early and once I knew, I put my kids in right away. My daughter was swimming across the pool at the age that my niece drowned.

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