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Great Ways to Upcycle Mason Jars

Great ways to Upcycle Mason Jars

Giving something old a new use is something I enjoy doing. Almost every single household has some form of mason jar sitting around, collecting dust. Why not change it in a couple small ways and create some great new uses for those old jars? Here are some great ways to upcycle mason jars.

Ways to upcycle mason jars

Make a Terrarium

Terrariums are a lot of fun and very low maintenance. All you need is gravel, sand, soil, a plant, and a mason jar. Put each ingredient in that order into the jar. Water it lightly every couple days. You can go for an open or closed terrarium, depending on the type of plant you want to keep. There’s plenty of resources online that can help you decide which style is the best for you.

Outdoor Decor

Grab a couple mason jars and some tea light candles. Drop the candle into the jar and light it. Now you’ve got yourself some intimate lighting outdoors that looks great for any occasion. A barbecue, party, even a wedding!

Spice Storage

If you pick up chalkboard paint you can paint the jars with that signature black or green. Once it’s dry it can be written on just like a chalkboard. Store your spices in them and write whatever is being stored on the jar with chalk! These look great just sitting out on the counter as their own decor. I’ve heard spices don’t expire so stock up and use your mason jars as fun ways to store them!

Nail and Screw Storage

Take the lid of a mason jar and screw it on a board in your workshop or where ever you need access to screws or nails. Once the lid is screwed into the board, fill the jar with any small tools or nails and then you can screw the whole jar onto the now stationary lid. It takes it off your work space and clears up the room!

Touchup Paint

After you paint a room in your house, take whatever paint you may have left from the gallon jug and store it in a mason jar. Then use a permanent marker to write the room that the paint was used in on the lid. Now if you accidentally scratch the walls or otherwise damage the paint you will have easy access to the same exact paint that you used to paint it!

Mason jars are incredibly useful. I could write about mason jars until my hands fall off but I will end it here. Do you have a favorite use for old mason jars? Have you ever tried any of these tips? Here are some other great ways to upcycle mason jars, too! Let’s hear your story in the comments!

What do you use mason jars for?

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