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5 Indoor Family Activities to Ease the Freeze (Free Printables)

Winter is here in full force! Granted, we live in Michigan but these single digit temps make me want to hibernate. It’s literally been TOO cold to go outside. With four little ones someone is always wanting to go outside and on days with below zero wind chills it’s just not an option. We have a pretty big list of indoor family activities for these cold days to try our best to keep the kids entertained and prevent them from longing to play outside. Here’s a list of our five favorite indoor family activities to warm your heart on cold days!

Indoor Family Activities

Painting Goldfish
1) Painting

Our kids love to paint! What kid doesn’t, right? We buy lots of these washable paints during all of the back to school sales and keep them for cold days! They love finger painting, using brushes and even using other objects like sponges and sticks. We love trying new things from this list of 40 Cool Way to Paint with Kids. It keeps their minds going and it keeps them from wanting to go outside in the freezing temps! They love having their Goldfish cracker snacks nearby, too for easy access!

Baking with mom

2) Baking

My 4 year old daughter is in love with baking. She always wants to make desserts with mama. LA and Annie always enjoy joining in, too! We love baking cookies on cold days because the heat from the oven makes it extra warm and there’s just something about warm cookies out of the oven on a winter day! It’s love.

3) Building

Not matter what type of building set we get the kids, it keeps their attention for hours. We’ve gotten logs, blocks, magnetic tiles and various shapes that snap together. They love them all. I love that this activity keeps their brains thinking and they get determined to build a specific item (helicopter, tower, etc.) and won’t stop until they feel they’ve perfected it.

Card Games

4) Card Games

My kids love a good family game! Recently, at 6 and almost 5, they’ve started liking card games and there are so many for kids! They love spending this time with mama and daddy and this too is something that can be educational, which we love! Before recently it had been years since my husband or I had played any type of card game so it was a nice change and we’ve enjoyed it just as much as they do!

Coloring Sheets

5) Coloring

I’m sure you’ve seen the adult coloring books that are available now, right? Everyone loves to color. We make it into a family affair. We love creating these printables because you know siblings all have to color the SAME picture, right? LOL Our daughter, who is almost 5, thinks she has to do everything exactly like her brother. She would be heart broken if she had to color a different picture. They love using the same base and then getting creative in their own ways. It’s fun to see the different outcomes from the same beginning! With Valentine’s Day coming we thought we’d create and share some cute Valentine’s Day coloring sheets! Click below to print your own robots or goldfish sheets and enjoy some quality time with your little ones!

Valentines Day Printables

Click here for the Robot Valentine Printable and here for the Goldfish Valentine Printable.

Our Snack of Choice During Family Activities

Goldfish Crackers
No matter what activity we’ve selected to get through the cold days inside, we always include Goldfish crackers as a snack. The kids love them and I love that they are always baked with real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. Not only that, but the  colors are sourced from plants, such annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree! It’s like a treat for moms that kids love these things! 😉

Another family activity? You can put together a stop motion video and submit it to Goldfish Smiles for a chance to win $5000! Have fun together and what a bonus it would be to make some money, too!

Indoor family activities for cold days – What’s your favorite?



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