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What to Expect at Goldfish Swim School

This post about what to expect at Goldfish Swim School is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

As a parent it’s hard to fully prepare for the unknown. When you start something new with your child/children you want to be as prepared as possible. We’ve been attending classes at Goldfish Swim School with our three children for about two months now. I thought it would be helpful to bring you this information on what to expect at Goldfish Swim School if you are considering lessons or you are new to the school.

Goldfish Swim School

Class Times and Schedules

First of all, if you have more than one child chances are they will be in different classes. The school employees will work with you to ensure that your child is in the right class for their level. The swim school employees will try to work their magic to make sure your kids are in classes at the same time, or as close as possible so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the facility each week (unless, of course, you want to). We’ve been able to schedule all three kids at one time until our last lesson when LA advanced to the next class. Now, the classes are only 30 minutes apart so instead of staying there for 30 minutes we stay one hour. It’s still great for us!


If you do have separate times, or if you have another little on that is not in lessons Goldfish Swim School has a play area for the kids! Our kids love playing here when waiting for their lesson to begin or when they are waiting for us to finish getting everyone ready to go. Now, it will also be great for when their lessons are 30 minutes apart!

Goldfish Swim School Shop

Products You Need

What can you expect from Goldfish Swim School in terms of their requirements for products needed for lessons? We only need to bring the swim suits, a towel and goggles (although our almost 3 year old doesn’t yet wear goggles). You are not required to have a swim cap on your child unless you want to and you are not required to purchase products from their store. They do have a shop section at their location in case you need anything (or forget something!) or just see something adorable you have to have for your little one!

Enter the Pool Area

Time for Lessons!

You can expect all classes to begin promptly at their scheduled time. I really appreciate this about Goldfish Swim School. They make sure each student gets the full 30 minutes they are supposed to get. There is a wet door and a dry door. The doors stay closed at all times. Students will enter the pool deck at the dry door when they are invited.

Goldfish Swim School

Inside the pool area your child will be very comfortable in the 90 degree temps! It’s heavenly when there’s snow outside. Each lane is for a different class (some are half lanes) and there will be instructors in the pool ready to immediately get your child’s class started. Within the classes I’ve seen anywhere from one to four students. I am not certain what their limit is but I’ve found the class sizes we’ve experienced have been fabulous for our children and their success in learning.

Five minutes prior to class ending parents are invited into the pool area to get a closer look into what was being taught that day. Parents also get a brief report from the instructor. After the student exits the pool there are showers to wash off and then everyone exits through the wet door. There is a dressing area to change. Blow dryers are available for use as well.

Expect Recognition

Goldfish Swim School is excellent at recognizing each child’s success. When they advance to the next level/class your child will receive a ribbon. They’ll also get a small reward from the front desk. Their instructors are often telling them at the end of class how good they did. They also encourage them in areas that need work. I’ve found the entire atmosphere to be a very positive one and it’s super healthy for the kids and their journey in learning to swim.

What to Expect at Goldfish Swim School

Overall, what to expect at Goldfish Swim School? Professionalism and a fun, friendly learning environment! We’ve been in lessons for two months now and each week the kids look forward to their swimming day. GSS even has family swim time if you want to take the kids more often! We’ve not yet done that but I think we’ll definitely take advantage of that in the new year since the kids are loving lessons so much!

What are you waiting for? Enroll your little one today! Winter is a great time to start lessons – it keeps the kids active, gets them out of the house and lets them have some fun while learning a valuable lifesaving skill!





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