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How hello Products Helps Our Children’s Oral Care Problems

We all know brushing is important. Often times children aren’t too fond of this daily chore. Our children’s oral care problems have been ongoing for a little over a year. They’ve decided they don’t want to brush or they brush too quickly and don’t get their teeth clean. We’ve recently been putting extra effort into turning things around because we know the habits they develop now will influence them for the rest of their lives.

hello toothpaste for kids #brushhappy

My 6 year old son has been complaining about brushing over the past year. I often wondered if it was just a stage he was going through but as time went on I started to get scared that he REALLY despised this personal hygiene habit. When I was young my parents didn’t really help my sisters and I form great oral care habits so it’s been a rough journey for us. I don’t want that for my children so seeing him act like this was breaking my heart. When I see things like the kids not brushing long or whining about having to brush their teeth I wish they would understand how vital this habit is. 

My children have struggled primarily with brushing for at least 2 minutes. We’ve tried the timer thing, it didn’t work for us. They weren’t interested in listening for the chime at the 2 minute mark. My goal has been to get them to like brushing so the habit will be easier for them to develop and to keep going in their daily routines.

hello oral care products

Our Children’s Oral Care Habits

We’ve tried the timers, as I mentioned, we’ve tried rewards. Rewards can work but our kids weren’t consistent enough in continuing to try for a reward. We’ve tried the sticker charts. It seems we’ve tried everything. Brushing is hard, y’all. Parenting confessions (fail!?): I use to bribe the kids with an ice cream night out if they brushed for a week without giving us trouble. I use to try anything I could. We decided that since our kids love to sing and be silly together we would make this part of our children’s oral care solution. In addition to having fun singing we went on the search for a new toothpaste. They’ve often complained about not liking their toothpaste so this was something I felt needed to change in order for them to be successful. We needed not only something they would like the taste of but something that was natural and a product that my husband and I could trust. We came across hello products and I have to say my heart jumped a beat!

hello kids toothpastes

As parents who lean towards natural products whenever we can finding out that hello products has no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no dyes, no preservatives, no microbeads was something that truly caught our attention. Seeing reviews about how amazing the taste is made it a must-try. Our kids actually liked it! There is no more fighting. It’s a no brainer here. It’s now our toothpaste of choice. Or, toothpastes of choice as the kids like to have 2-3 flavors out at a time to take their pick! If that makes them happy and keeps them brushing I’m all for it. Let’s KEEP 2-3 out all the time! 😉

kids_toothpasteThe kids fell in love with the Bubble Gum flavor with Blue Raspberry coming in a close second. I personally think they are all fantastic! With Christmas coming it’s a great time to have Santa pick up some hello kids toothpaste and stuff their stockings with it! I, for one, love filling stockings with things like toothpaste, toothbrush, underwear and practical things I know they can use instead of things that will cause cavities!

We made a short video that contains my 6 years old’s brushtime confessions and how hello products have changed our children’s oral care problems into oral care love! Take a look, won’t you?


As much as they love it are you convinced you need to get some now for your kids? It truly has made a difference in our bedtime and morning routines! My husband and I have also made the switch to hello toothpaste. Yes, they have products for the whole family!

What other brushing tips have you found successful?



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  1. Health is our wealth. We must teach our kids to practice these. Also, oral care is one important part in our health.

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