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A Refreshing Treat for Nursing Mamas – A Lactation Smoothie

This post was sponsored by Premama as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Having nursed four children I know how hard it can be. I know how much of a struggle some women experience. I love bringing you news about great products that can help you succeed in nursing your little ones. On a recent trip to our local Meijer I saw various Premama products in their vitamin section, including the Premama Lactation. Needless to say I was drawn to it and had to check it out! When I read the packaging I saw that it is a powder that can easily be added to common drinks and I immediately thought about making a lactation smoothie! I’m always thrilled with the products I find at Meijer, they have a great selection of family products that we really use and love.

Premama Lactation at Meijer

The Premama family of products includes various prenatal and postnatal multivitamin supplement mixes. They are great for those (like me) who have trouble swallowing pills. Since I’ll be nursing another little one soon I wanted to try the Premama Lactation which can be added to water, any non-carbonated beverages or even SMOOTHIES! Yum!

Lactation Smoothie

I often get smoothies when we are out and about to help beat the crazy heat this summer! Carrying these small packets of Premama in my purse makes for an easy way to make a healthy drink even healthier! I also make smoothies at home so it’s super simple to just grab a packet and mix it in to get the lactation support I’ll need with a newborn. Each box comes with 28 packets making this box last nearly a month!

Premama Lactation Products

If you are trying to conceive, expecting or lactating give these products a try! They contain folic acid levels similar to many prescription prenatal vitamins, and equal, or greater than most leading OTC brands. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids and non-constipating iron (hallelujah!) often found only in prescription prenatal multivitamins. You can shop at your local Meijer until September 25 for the following Premama discounts:

  • Premama Fertility – Save $4
  • Premama Essentials – Save $4
  • Premama Essentials + DHA – Save $5
  • Premama Lactation – Save $4
  • Premama Digestive Aid – Save $3

Be sure to check out a local store to get your Premama products! Don’t forget to also get your Premama Lactation or Premama Fertility sample below:
Premama Facebook Sampling


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