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What is the Lifecycle of the Plastic Bag?

Have you made the switch yet from the old plastic bag to reusable grocery bags? For us, it’s one of those small changes we made that we truly feel makes a big difference. Did you know the orders for plastic carrier bags has decreased by a staggering 48% whereas the orders for ‘bags for life’ have jumped up to 120%? That’s an amazing stat!

When it comes to numbers, I am big on stats. The below infographic is full of stats and is a visual tool that will let you see the lifecycle of the plastic bag. It’s quite interesting to see the difference since the plastic bag charge was introduced in England last year.

The Lifecycle of the Plastic Bag

Lifecycle of a plastic bag
This is one change that I encourage you to make if you haven’t yet. Reusable is on the rise and that’s great news for our planet!

Thank you to The Printed Bag Shop for this awesome infographic full of stats and visual aids!



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