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Caregiver? Help Strengthen their Minds and Bodies

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Our parents and the older generation are the ones who have paved the way for us. They are the amazing people who our kids are inspired by and who they love to share moments with. Personally, I’ve noticed when my kids are around either my husband’s parents or my parents they learn so much. The grandparents absolutely love sharing memories and their ways from the past with the kids. It’s time we’ll always cherish. We realize not all of those in the older generation have family and/or grandchildren so about a year ago we started volunteering at a local retirement community to share our time with some amazing people. Although I know everyone says how much this benefits the elderly residents, I truly feel it benefits us just as much. Our hearts are full every time we leave.

After many discussions with some of the residents at the community we’ve realized some of their big concerns are staying active and keeping their minds challenged. Recently we decided to gift some baskets full of items that would help keep them active and also allow us to spend quality time with some of our friends. With the warm weather, it’s been great to get outside and take walks with some of the residents we’ve come to know. I’ve had a few of them voice their concerns though as bladder leakage has become quite common for them when they are active. Even I can relate to that as I’ve experienced it during and after pregnancies.

Items to Keep the Elderly Body Active

My journey to make these baskets began at Sam’s Club to pick up some great products that would be a perfect fit for our elderly friends.

Step 1: Find Items that will Keep their Bodies Active

As I mentioned earlier, exercise can create the bladder leakage many of our friends fear so they tend to shy away from it. We picked up the Poise® liners at Sam’s Club to help them get past this fear so we can get out and walk.

Keeping the body active

I also picked up some Super-B Complex vitamins while at Sam’s Club as these are great for their overall health and brains! A cute reusable water bottle to carry on walks was a must, too!

Poise and Depend at Sam's Club

Taboo Topic? No way!

Although it may be a taboo topic for many, we’ve become pretty close with some of the residents at the community we volunteer at. They’ve become comfortable in voicing their opinions and concerns with us. We’ve also heard often from my father-in-law how he struggles with bladder leakage the older he gets. We knew Depend and Poise would be the perfect solutions for keeping our friends active and not worrying about any leakage embarrassment. Sam’s Club is the perfect place to purchase these items as they have large boxes containing multiple packages, easily broken into multiple gifts! Depend and Poise are conveniently located right next to the pharmacy so you can pick up any prescriptions (for your elderly parents perhaps) while you are there! If you find you are limited on time, Sam’s Club has an amazing service that allows you to shop online and pickup your order in club!


Poise comes in both a light and maximum absorbency. The light absorbency that we chose are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)and they stay 3x drier than leading period-only liners. The panty liner’s absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor to help keep our friends fresh and dry.

They also carry Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear for both men and women at Sam’s Club. They are now more flexible to move with you and feature all-around leg elastics and a smooth, close-to-body fit, this slip-on protection is soft, quiet and breathable or outstanding comfort.

Items to Strengthen their Minds

In order to create a basket that didn’t focus on one issue (light bladder leakage) I wanted to combine items that would help our friends strengthen their minds and bodies. I wanted to incorporate a variety of these items into a practical gift basket.

Step 2: Find items that will keep their minds active.

Keeping the Mind Active

Some of the items I chose for the mind are as follows: a puzzle, a game of Dominoes and a card game. Other ideas are knitting and/or craft supplies, scrapbooking and/or painting supplies, brain teaser activity books or word search books.

I love these types of things because not only are we helping to keep their minds active, but we are also spending quality time with our friends by doing these activities together!

Step 3: Find a Practical Gift Basket

gift basket

Often times, retirement communities offer limited space to their residents. We knew this to be the case at the community we visit and wanted to chose a basket that was not only perfect for our gifted items but also something that could be reused in their small space. This basket I found brings a spark of color and can also be easily used in the bathroom for toiletries, in the living room for remote controls and/or snacks or in a variety of other places around their small apartments.

Step 4: Fill Your Basket with Goodies

Keeping Elderly Minds Active

I added all of our items into the basket for a perfect fit and a cute gift! It contains the items to keep our elderly friends’ minds and bodies active and allows us to spend quality time with them! It’s a win-win for all! With the holidays coming (coming fast, aren’t they!?) I encourage you to find just an hour a month to volunteer your time at a retirement community to help make the day of an elderly resident. It’s a small act that can make a big impact!

Sam’s Club Caregiver Website & Sample Kit

Did you know that Sam’s Club offers a caregiver website? You can download the Digimarc Discovery app and scan anywhere on the Depend packaging, and it will drive you to the Sam’s Club Caregiver website! Also, when you open your Depend packaging it will have a sticker inside that you can use to redeem at pharmacy for an awesome caregiver sample kit. We didn’t get the change to do this since the pharmacy was closed on our visit but will definitely be redeeming this offer on our next visit!

Are you a caregiver or do you volunteer with the elderly regularly? Have you ever thought about gifting Poise liners and other items to strengthen their minds and bodies?

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