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Jord Wood Watches for Women – THE Summertime Accessory

Watches for women are not always easy for me to find or love. When it’s hot I don’t like a lot of jewelry on or anything heavy on my wrist. When I was offered a watch from Jord Wood Watches in exchange for review I quickly took them up on the offer. Their watches for women are gorgeous and unique, who wouldn’t want the chance to review one?!

Jord Watches for Women #jordwatch
Of the Jord watches for women, I was given several options to choose from. I decided to go with the gorgeous Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple watch. I was impressed that they asked for my wrist size at the time I ordered so they could make sure the watch fit me exactly the way it should! I love the personalized service and the amazing fit. It fit perfectly as soon as I took it out of the box. Watches for women are sometimes hard for me to spend money on because most of the time they do not fit my wrist right. This watch hugs my wrist perfectly without being too tight or too loose!

Jord_Wood_WatchThe Jord wood watches come in a beautiful wooden box on their own pillow. The presentation is top of the line and perfect for those unique gifts you love to give! The box is also perfect for storing your watch in when you aren’t wearing it.

The second thing I noticed about these watches for women (after the beauty!) was how lightweight they are! It’s the perfect summertime accessory because of how fashionable and light it is! There’s no heavy, sweaty, bulky anything when it comes to Jord Wood Watches.

Jord watches for women Another thing I am not a fan of when it comes to other watches for women is the closure. They seem so bulky and they definitely aren’t concealed. With Jord, the closure is simply amazing. It’s simple to operate and has a flush look once the clasps are secured. It’s simply gorgeous all around!

Watches for women and unique gifts #jordwatchNo bulkiness and it allows you to feel like you are still wearing something feminine. It’s beautiful when closed and on, isn’t it!?

The Fieldcrest currently retails for $139 and is available in three wood choices. Jord offers free shipping worldwide, too!

Jord Summertime accessories #jordwatchSince receiving my Jord wood watch I have received so many compliments. It’s definitely a piece that brings about conversation and the fact that it’s made out of wood is truly unique and something I love! Jord focuses on making watches for the modern lifestyle. They make their watches for “people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.” In addition to watches for women they also have a wide selection of men’s watches that you’ll want to check out! These watches are timeless, unique and definitely something you want to treat yourself with!

Wood Watches For Women

What is your favorite thing about Jord Wood Watches?



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