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Flourishing at SafeSplash Swim School #IAmSafeSplash

Swimming is something I’ve always personally loved but water scares me when it comes to my kids. There are always those “what ifs” that cross a parent’s mind. That’s why I knew I wanted my kids to take swimming lessons. I was recently offered a chance to review SafeSplash Swim School and knew I needed to let the kids experience the month of lessons they offered us in exchange for a review. What I didn’t realize at the time was just how happy we would all be with the experience.

We were given one month of lessons for all three kids to get a true experience with SafeSplash Swim School. I registered the kids online and within 24 hours they were calling me to get the classes scheduled. We have an almost 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old so I was expecting more than one class time. You can imagine just how thrilled I was when i found out the older two could be in the same class and the youngest would be in a different class, however, both classes were at the SAME time on the same day of the week! All three were registered and ready to go and it was all easy peasy!

The first week we arrived at swim school I will admit we were a bit frazzled. We had to make sure all three kids were ready, goggles on, Addy’s swim cap on and we didn’t allow ourselves quite enough time. They did tell us that was common for the first class but they assisted us so the kids could quickly get into the water to get their full lesson in. That was much appreciated!

LA and Addy were put in the same class and there was only one other child in the class so the class size is very small, which my husband and I were extremely pleased with. Annie had two other children in class with her so their class sizes were the same. I was a bit worried about how Annie (our two year old) would respond to the water because she always freaks out when we get water near her head in the bath. It turned out well though and she was very happy to be in the water with her instructor, Ms. Kim.

I posted a photo on Instagram that captured just how happy she is in the water! She LOVES it and looks forward to it each week. Ms. Kim is brilliant when it comes to working with little ones. Annie adores her and she is fabulous at telling us just why she’s doing what she’s doing so that not only the child learns, but the parent understands what is being taught.

Learning to Swim at SafeSplashShe has various “tools” that help her in teaching the little ones, like this barbell and the mermaid doll. She’ll toss the doll into the water and ask Annie if she’s going to go get it. She stated that sometimes kids will try to go by themselves but she wants them to understand that they need to ask for help in this situation and Annie always asks for that help. She’ll put the top part of her body on the barbell while being right there holding onto Annie and have her kick her feet, learning one of the important steps in swimming.

Bubbles at Swim Lessons #IAmSafeSplashShe also uses a noodle and gets her own face into the water to show Annie how to blow bubbles in the water. She’ll have Annie try it and I am always shocked at how okay Annie is with this since she seems to hate water on her face in the bath! I’m amazed!

Learning to get out of water #IAmSafeSplash

She also works with Annie on how to get herself out of the pool. She’ll put the dolls on the side of the pool and help Annie use her leg to help herself out. She then gives her the option of sitting and jumping into her arms or standing and jumping into her arms to get back in. I love that this is getting her used to getting into the pool without being afraid.

Another thing that I’ve realized worked out really well was the fact that she is in a separate class from her big sister and brother. She’s so used to being around them and doing everything they do that this allows her some independent time. She adores her teacher, she absolutely loves swimming lessons and we even discovered that putting a swim cap on her helps her not freak out as much about the water on her head! The teacher said many kids don’t like the feeling of water in their ears as it’s different and the caps will often help…lesson learned for mama!

LA and Addy have a teacher that is incredible with them, too. Ms. Stephanie has been great at teaching them and they take it all in! They often talk about what she teaches them and it really does stick with them. They ask me nearly every day if swim lessons are tomorrow.

SafeSplash Swim School #IAmSafeSplashShe’s working with them on floating.

safeSplash_LearningLA is still hesitant on putting his head in the water but I’m thinking it’s for the same reason as Annie and a swim cap might help.

SafeSplash Swim SchoolThey’ve really come far on their success in combining the kicking and arm movements. Once they are confident in all of the movements and the bubbles/holding breathe they’ll turn over and be swimming before they know it!

Blowing bubbles at SafeSplash Swim SchoolThey, too, work on blowing bubbles in the water.


Swimming Lessons at SAfeSplash Swim SchoolMs. Stephanie is great at teaching them the movements. They are able to move their arms, as if swimming, with the help of the barbell.

Jumping in the water #IAmSafeSplashExcuse the blurriness on this photo but it shows that they also learn to jump into the water with Ms. Stephanie catching them. This is a favorite of theirs!

Kicking and Bubbles at SafeSplash Swim SchoolThey sit on the “dock” when the teacher is working with one of them and this is also where they practice their kicking and blowing bubbles. They seem to learn new things every week. In fact, Addy was very good at putting her whole head underwater last week and was rather proud of herself…so was mommy. 😉

We enjoyed the first month of lessons so much that we’ve enrolled the kids into SafeSplash Swim School this month, too. I wish it was something we could continue year round but for us our schedules only allow the time during the summer. They enjoy it so much and look forward to it each week. I am not looking forward to the end of August when they will have to stop for the year. I do wish that the lessons were a bit longer since they won’t be in for long but with our budget for three in lessons the thirty minute classes are a great start!

SafeSplash Swim School does has lessons year round for kids AND adults! Our experience has been nothing but spectacular and their teachers are highly recommended. Their patience and the love for what they do is evident. SafeSplash locations can be found throughout the US and provide a safe and fun learning environment! Sign up today! We love them and we’re sure you will, too!



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