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No Mess Toddler Snacking with Gerber Lil’ Beanies

Do you have an independent toddler? You know, the kind that wants to do EVERYTHING herself? Doesn’t need your help, ever?! Both of my girls have been this way and they like to create a scene if I try to help them. When it comes to toddler snacking it can be a nightmare. Feeding herself can be messy when it comes to snacks like yogurt, applesauce, or smoothies. Since it’s been a bit messy lately I decided when I went to Target yesterday I HAD to find some new toddler snacks that would allow her to feed herself and would allow me to keep my sanity with not having a super messy toddler on my hands.

This is the first week of summer break here and with the older two out of preschool and elementary school for the summer we were in need of some “school supplies” to keep their learning going during the summer. We typically have learning time twice a day and focus on things like alphabet recognition, counting, adding, subtracting and phonics. With Annie, since she’s a toddler, we focus on alphabet, shapes and colors. Our local Target always has some incredible teaching tools that we love to pick up for summertime. In addition to that, I knew Target would be the place to find some new toddler snacks to carry with us for busy days and easy snacking.

Gerber Lil' Beanies Was I right, or what!? What I came across was this new toddler snack from Gerber. Their Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ snacks are made with navy beans! Check out these other facts about this awesome snack:

  • The first bean-based snack in the baby aisle, Lil’ Beanies™ is made from the goodness of navy beans to deliver 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value), 1 gram of fiber and 10% Daily Value of Vitamin E per serving.
  • A delicious, nutritious treat, your little ones will love it for its taste and you’ll love it for its nutrition.
  • Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ Snack is baked, not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients, and is naturally flavored!
  • Available in two varieties: Original and White Cheddar & Broccoli

Lil Beanies Snacks
We picked up a can of the Original and two cans of the White Cheddar & Broccoli to try and someone was in love instantly! She wouldn’t put the cans in the cart the entire time in the store, Miss Independent had to hold her new snacks. 😉

Easy On-The-Go Toddler Snacking

We had been running errands all afternoon and by the time we were at Target the kids were getting very hungry. We decided to eat dinner out at a local diner but I knew as hungry as the kids were they wouldn’t be pleasant in the restaurant without a bit of a snack to keep them occupied until our dinner arrived. I grabbed a can of the Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ to take in with us and was I shocked at what happened next!

Easy Toddler Snacks We started out with a few Lil’ Beanies and then a few more….

easy toddler snacks Guess what? There was no mess with these other than a bit on her hands, which was easy peasy to wipe off! She could feed herself and it was stress free toddler snacking for me! I love that she loves these new healthy snacks! When the older two kids saw her enjoying her new toddler snack so much they were curious and wanted to try, too. Why not, I thought!? I let them try them and before I knew it one whole can was GONE! All three kids LOVE this snack! No worries, they still ate their dinners! 🙂

Morning Lil Beanies After breakfast this morning, look what her snack of choice was! No surprise here, the Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ Original flavor were on the morning snack menu here. She loved this variety, too!

Morning Snacks with Gerber This is one happy little girl with her new Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™! I already need to make another trip to Target to get more for easy toddler snacking on the go!

Be sure to read more about Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™  and then pick up some the next time you are at Target!

Gerber Lil Beanies at Target #GerberWinWin

 Toddler Snacking Made Easy with Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ !


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