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Our Date Night at the MotorCity Hotel Casino

This post is sponsored by MotorCity Casino Hotel.

My husband and I have three little ones at home and rarely take the time to go out for date nights. We spend time together after the kids are in bed but we don’t really have a lot of family nearby to watch the kids so we can go out. We don’t mind most times because we both love being parents and being with our kids and doing family things is at the top of our list. Don’t get me wrong, spending some alone time with the man of my dreams outside of home is a very nice treat and I do enjoy the moments we get away! Recently we had grandma come into town to spend the night with the kids and hubby and I took off to the MotorCity Hotel Casino for a whole night!

MotorCity Hotel Casino

Motor City HotelMotorCity Casino Hotel is only about a 30 minute drive from where we live. Let me just tell you, for parents who don’t leave their kids often, it’s amazing to have a local getaway that seems like you’re a thousand miles away. It is the perfect local getaway because it’s not only luxurious, but there is so much to do there! We arrived not long after check-in time at 4pm and already I was wishing we had gone earlier to do some things (like maybe a massage at their spa!?). The rooms at MotorCity Hotel Casino are perfect for relaxing and feeling like you’ve stepped into your own dream!

Motor City Hotel CasinoYou can see that my husband got comfy real quick – before I could even get a picture of the bed. We both loved how comfortable the bed was in the room. It seriously felt like we were sleeping in a palace! When we arrived we both got comfy on the bed and relaxed in the quiet for a bit before we went to dinner. We love our kids dearly, but laying in a bed together during the day without worrying what they are doing was a bit of heaven in itself.

Motor City Hotel Casino RoomsThe entertainment center had everything you could need. There was a snack bar, a refrigerator stocked with any kind of drink you could imagine, a coffee pot, closets that lit up when opened, a television with many options and drawers for your clothing.

Sitting AreaThere was a sitting area by the window with some magazines and a desk in the corner.

Motor_City_BathroomThe bathroom was full of luxury and made me wish my bathroom at home was this big! I LOVED the contemporary design and the D. Tour Spa products that were available for our use.

Motor City Hotel Bathtub The bathtub was fit for a king, seriously. It was huge and one of the most relaxing things in the room.

Motor City ShowerThere was also a separate shower with bathrobe available for use.

Motor City Shower The shower head was huge and heavenly. It felt as good as standing in the rain on a hot summer day. It was the perfect addition to help one (or two) relax on an evening away. The shower was big enough for two in case you’re wondering! 😉

After relaxing in the room for a bit we got ready and went to dinner at Iridescence, MotorCity Hotel Casino’s top floor restaurant with a “Five Star View, 4-Diamond dining”.

Motor City touches As we were going to the restaurant I noticed so many touches throughout the hotel that just made it feel like the bit of luxury you want with a getaway. The unique, contemporary chandeliers were just one of those things.

Iridescence Dinner Reservations

We arrived at Iridescence around 6:30 pm. If you can get reservations at this time, it’s the perfect time (this time of year anyway). The reason I say that is because it was daylight when we arrived and we were able to enjoy the restaurant and views during the day and before we left it got dark so we were also able to enjoy the view with all the city lights and the restaurant’s serene lighting in the evening.

Bridge view from inside IridescenceThe view from my seat was of the Ambassador Bridge, the view from hubby’s seat was Comerica Park and Ford Field among other things downtown. The views were some of the best in the city, I’m sure.

nighttime city viewI couldn’t capture the beauty as it truly appeared was but you can get an idea of the nighttime view from the above photo.

Iridescence Restaurant The decor inside of the restaurant was gorgeous! The lighting was perfect and it made for a great romantic dinner for hubby and I.

Iridescence_DecorThe glass panels on the wall lit up when it started getting dark, too! It’s truly a gorgeous place to have dinner! The food was out of this world!

Bread basket at Iridescence We started off with a bread basket that had a nice variety to chose from. It was served with dishes of butter and oil.

We then had a cheese tray as our appetizer that was delicious! We were also given a mushroom pasta prior to our meals that was unlike anything we’ve tasted. It was unique and delectable.

Iridescence dinnerFor dinner I selected the Roasted Chicken and hubby selected the New York Strip Steak. I also got a side of Robuchon Potatoes that were the tastiest potatoes I’ve ever had. The meals were mouthwatering and beyond our expectations. It’s definitely a place I recommend to anyone coming to Detroit to try some of the best food in the city.

Iridescence Dessert We were beyond satisfied with all of the food we had but we couldn’t leave without trying a dessert, could we? We decided to share the Cinnamon Pumpkin Doughnuts. Again, amazing! I cannot say enough about how amazing and delicious EVERYTHING tasted.

Our Iridescence Dinner DateOur dinner came to an end and we weren’t ready to end our night out yet. Thankfully the MotorCity Hotel Casino has a plethora of things to do. There is, of course, the casino, Soundboard is a place where concerts take place, there is also a DJ every night that you can listen to or dance to, various bars, the spa, a fitness center, numerous restaurants and even a place for sweet treats and coffee! There is truly something for everyone!

We spent our night in our luxurious room and enjoyed time with one another. In the morning we were able to relax and get ready at our own pace and then we went out for breakfast before heading home to give grandma a break!

We can’t thank MotorCity Hotel Casino enough for allowing us to have this night out. Something like this truly gives a couple time to relax and connect on all levels. It’s luxury right in our local area!

When is the last time you and your significant other spent a night out? Plan a trip to MotorCity Hotel Casino for a memorable getaway!








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  1. Having kids, it is so hard to get a night out… it happens like Once a year that we’re away for the whole night (if we’re lucky) Individual date night, just for a couple hours, well, thats like once a year too! LoL

    I love being able to have a location so close to us, but being able to feel like we’re hundreds of miles away!
    amy recently posted…Gardner White Taylor Grand Re-OpeningMy Profile

  2. How fun to be able to go on a date night! That’s very nice of grandma to watch your kids. The only date night we get to go on is once a year to my husband’s work Christmas party.
    Brenda recently posted…My WeekMy Profile

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