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Toddler Snacks Made Easy with OXO, Stonyfield and Fruit

Finding snacks that my kids want and that I feel good giving to them can be challenging. Even being on child number 4, I still struggle at times with finding healthy snacks. Recently, I was sent some products from Stonyfield and OXO to helpout with snack time and they made it a bit easier!

Stonyfield Fruit Yogurt  BitesMy girls love yogurt and strawberries. I decided to make some teething bites for Annie because her two year molars are coming in and I can tell she’s not comfortable. Making something cool for her to chew on helps bring some relief to her mouth. I use the Baby Blocks (2 oz) from OXO then add some Stonyfield YoToddler yogurt (Strawberry Banana, her favorite!) and then put some cut up strawberries to add into the blocks with the yogurt.

Fruit_YogurtOnce done, I place the tops on and put them in the freezer overnight.

 Toddler SnacksAfter they are frozen completely through I just pop them out of the containers and cut them up into smaller pieces (smaller than shown) for Annie to chew and snack on! It’s the perfect snack to cure two issues: teething and hunger!


Another item that OXO sent that I’m in love with is their Grape Cutter. I honestly never knew such a thing existed but wow! It cut grapes into four pieces and gone is the worry of little ones choking on them!

Grapes_Cut You just put a grape in and push the handle down and you have your grapes cut in the easiest way possible!

Easy way to cut grapesAnnie eats these like crazy! It’s perfect: fruit for a healthy snack option and no worry for mama! We put some grapes and strawberries on her plate along with some crackers or cheese and her snacks are easy and loved by both her and I! The divided plate above is also from OXO and it works great for toddler meals and/or snacks! I love the divided sections!

OXO Toddler CupsYes, the Twist Top Water Bottle has milk in it. LOL Annie loves this cup and wants to use it all the time. Since she uses it all the time, she also gets her milk in the cup. It’s works great and we love that the twist top can hide the straw when not in use. It’s going to be great to take along on outings this summer to have water on hand for her!

Toddler snacks have gotten a bit easier in our home with the help of OXO, Stonyfield and the addition of some fruits! Sometimes I have to sit and think of what to prepare for snacks but the addition of these OXO products helped make things easier for me by giving me the perfect containers and the easiest way to cut grapes for peace of mind!

Happy toddler snacksHere’s my happy toddler with her new love of grapes along with some graham crackers and milk in her OXO containers and bib.

Which OXO containers do you love most for toddler snacks?

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