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Celebrate Every Occasion with Customized Jewelry from Origami Owl

I’ll be honest, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. There are a few companies that I will go crazy over though and Origami Owl is one of them. I wanted an Origami Owl necklace for a very long time. I bought my first necklace last year and I only bought the top piece of the locket and a chain and some charms. I was left without the back to put it all together. It sat in my drawer for way too long before I got to actually enjoy it. Do me a favor friends, don’t make the same mistake I did. Get your Origami Owl and enjoy it everyday. I was recently sent a piece of customized jewelry from Origami Owl in celebration of their Valentine’s Day collection and it’s been such a treat!! Their pieces are gorgeous and I LOVE that you can customize them with the very things that mean the most to you.

You read that right! Origami Owl has launched a new Valentine’s Day collection featuring elegant necklaces and trendy wrap bracelets! Don’t forget though, you can always get creative by designing a Living Locket filled with hand-painted charms, Swarovski crystals and customized plates to create your one of a kind piece that tells your story.

Customized Jewelry from Origami OwlI was sent a large Living Locket with red Swarovski crystals around it with four charms that are perfect for Valentine’s Day: a Flirty Owlmoji, a rose, XOXO and a red Swarovski crystal.

Origami Owl NecklaceThe chain I was sent is a double link chain and it’s not too heavy to be uncomfortable but it’s heavy enough to support the locket and charms. It matches my style perfectly and is perfect for so many pieces that Origami Owl offers.

Origami Owl Dangles Origami Owl also has dangles to add to the necklaces, and other customized jewelry, that are perfect for a beautiful added touch! These are  a perfect addition at any time to simply add to the look of your beautiful pieces! I have the Pave Heart dangle but they come in various designs such as bows, keys, pearls, crosses and more!

Customized Origami OwlI’m over the moon with love for my Origami Owl necklace. It’s a gorgeous piece that I get so many compliments on. Every time I wear it I hear how beautiful it is and I love sharing the charms when asked about them to explain just how easy customized jewelry can be with Origami Owl. I love that I can always add to it with new charms and dangles or I can switch the charms and add a plate for a completely different look!

Who on your list is perfect for a customized jewelry gift from Origami Owl this Valentine’s Day? Trust me, she’ll LOVE it!



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