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Trying to Drink More Water? Check Out These Benefits!

Water is a really important part of our everyday life, after all our bodies are made up of 75% water! A lot of people don’t drink the proper amount of water in a day because water is boring, or flavorless and they just do not like it all! I know with the new year comes new resolutions and a lot of people really want to be healthy and drink more water. I know it can be hard! I used to not be the biggest fan of water either, but I realized how beneficial it is for my health and body and I have found some really great things to make my water taste great and still get the amazing benefits!

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You can use natural fruits to infuse your water, drink additives or even essential oils! There are so many other really awesome things to do to have a great tasting water! I keep a glass water bottle (like the one shown above) at my desk at work and at home so I can easily have water with essential oil in it at anytime. Today I am going to be sharing all of the amazing benefits that water can give to you by drinking the sufficient amount of water every day!

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Why You Should Drink More Water

Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight. I know weight loss is big for many of you this time of year. No drink is more healthy for your body than a good old glass of water. Simply drinking water will definitely result in weight loss because you are not putting any sugars or caffeine/toxins into your body that either cause you to gain weight or stall you from losing weight. 

Drinking Water Promotes Healthy Skin. With a lack of water, your skin can become extremely dry and it will actually make your skin look dull and boring. Drinking water every day will give you a nice, moisturized, glowing complexion. 

Drinking Water Cleanses Toxins. Drinking a lot of water will cause you to use the restroom often and this helps to flush out your body and cleanse it from any toxins that may be within your body. This is another really great thing to do to actually promote weight loss in your body as well. 

Drinking Water Boosts Energy. You can add a little bit of lemon into your water and it is a really great way to energize your body. The vitamin C from the lemon gives your body that boost it needs and allows you to get going for the day. 

Drinking Water Keeps You Feeling Full. If you’re feeling hungry, but you don’t want to overeat and gain weight… Try drinking a whole glass of water and this will make you feel full and not craving unhealthy foods. 

Even though drinking water every day can be difficult try and remember it is extremely beneficial for your body! There are so many amazing benefits for your body just by drinking water. If you are someone that is struggling to drink more water, try replacing one of your typical drinks with a bottle of water each day and you will notice a significant difference. Baby steps can lead to bigger steps and we all know even baby steps make a difference!
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